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October 09, 2015

October 2015 Birchbox Review


It's nearly Halloween! Yay! While I generally do not dress up, my husband is a giant kid at heart And always jumps on the costume bandwagon. Most of his outfits are quite frightening and he nearly always raids my lipsticks for use as fake blood... He makes a mess...my poor lip product... Anyways, my October Birchbox is here and hopefully it will have a great cleanser for getting red lipstick off skin!

October 2015 Pumeli Art of Relaxation Review


There are things in our life that truly test us. We all have our stories to tell, we all have had events thrown into our lives that we could never have been prepared for. My life took a turn at the age of 15. Fighting through the pain and emotional devastation of losing my older brother took a very long time. My biggest outlet then was writing and it still is to this day. Putting a pen to paper was my own form of meditation and through the years, I realized how necessary it is to have something that allowed you to just relax and purge the stress of each day. That being said, I'd like to introduce my dolls to a fabulous new tool to do just that....Pumeli Art of Relaxation Box.

October 06, 2015

October 2015 Allure Beauty Box Review


It's coming to the point that I think I could open up my own Sephora in my bedroom. Yup, that's how much makeup I have. Luckily I have several teenage nieces (hi girlies!) that reap the benefits of my massive beauty stockpile. Cosmetics and skincare are my addiction and the October Allure Beauty Box is finally here to add a few more items to my collection!

October 2015 Your Bijoux Box Review


As much as I love fun spring and summer colors, I love the warmth that comes from fall and winter shades even more. Deep and rich reds, purples, browns and oranges.... They make me happy. I'm glad to see one of these shades in the October Your Bijoux Box.

October 05, 2015

September 2015 Escape Monthly Review + Coupon


Ugh... Another month and still no lottery win. One day, my dolls, I will go radio silent. When that happens, you will know I've hit the jackpot and my family and I are globe trotting. For now, however, I get my travel fix from the fabulous subscription box known as Escape Monthly.

October 2015 PureBox Review & Exclusive Coupon


My skin is such a disaster lately. How is it that I went from having semi-flawless skin  to a massive hot mess. I will say, however, that my growing obsession with natural beauty products has made a vast improvement. A prime example of these products and their benefits come in the October 2015 PureBox!

October 02, 2015

October 2015 Hatchery Tasting Box Review & Coupon


The best times always happen in a kitchen. It's the heart of everything ...especially when your part of an Italian family. Everything and anything can happen when the wine is flowing and the food is ready. I love it. Food is a good thing! That's why I'm excited to dive into this months Hatchery Tasting Box.

October 01, 2015

September 2015 Petit Vour Review


The overflow of beauty products has slowly begun to spill into every room in my house. It's not like I have that much product (ok, that's not true, but still...), no, the real issue is pretty packaging. It's ridiculous, I know, but I can't not display things when they are so lovely to look at. This is what always happens with my Petit Vour boxes. Amazing products in flawless packaging.

September 2015 Prospurly Review & Coupon


I can't get enough of this Fall air! It makes me actually want to go outside and enjoy it. If you know me personally, you know that's saying a lot. In general, I'm not a fan of times spent in the great outdoors...like, at all. But there's just something about the calm and relaxed nature of this season I can't resist, just like I can't resist my monthly dose of Prospurly!

September 29, 2015

September 2015 Your Secret Admirer Review & Exclusive Coupon Code


I try very hard to remember what my shopping habits were like before I found the addictive world of subscription boxes. It seems so foreign to think back to a time when my idea of treating myself was a new makeup brush or candle every few weeks. I've since come to the conclusion that every woman needs to indulge themselves at least once every few weeks. It's one reason I am obsessed with subscriptions, especially ones of the women's lifestyle variety. It's a fabulous thing to get a monthly package filled with items to gift yourself with and celebrate just how special you are. One of my favorite boxes to treat myself with has to be Your Secret Admirer!

For those who don't already know,Your Secret Admirer is a women's lifestyle subscription service. The cost is $49.00 per month and includes a curated collection of items that are perfect for indulging yourself or gifting to A special lady in your life. Need a little extra incentive to subscribe? Use coupon code DIXIEDOLLS at checkout for 20% off your first box!

The September box is meant to inspire tranquility, nostalgia and the sense of calm that comes from a quite seaside retreat. This box has also been named  'The Marie-Claude Box' in honor of her battle against Lupus. And because of that strength and tenacity, 10% of the proceeds from this box go towards the Lupus Foundation of America.

This has to be one of the prettiest boxes ever. The colors really do remind me of a tranquil day at the beach. Just gorgeous!

Olyphant Art & Media Traveler Journal --- I'm one of those people that still enjoys writing on actual paper so this I love! The binding is fantastic quality and it's the perfect size to keep with me.

Pure & Coco Scrub --- Firstly, holy crap is this a big jar! Not only is it giant, it smells amazing and works even better. It's loaded with natural oils that coat your freshly exfoliated skin in a blanket of moisture. Seriously, it's phenomenal!

Two Hands Paperie Pencils --- Aren't these so cute? I've always loved the look of these pencils and actually have quite s few already. Perfect to write in the new travel notebook!

Salty Road Peppermint Taffy --- My favorite brand of Taffy! This company knows how to make Salt Water Taffy the way it should be. All their flavors are beyond delicious.... As evident by me eating the entire box in about an hour.....

31Bits Bracelet ---Gorgeous!!! I love both the color and style. The whole company is based upon supporting women and empowering them to rise above poverty. A beautiful bracelet and a beautiful cause.

This may only be my first Your Secret Admirer box, but it sure won't be my last.  I love all the items and the overall presentation. It really is the perfect monthly gift to myself!

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