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January 30, 2014

Beauty Box Five Unboxing and Review -- January 2014

Hurray! Time for another unboxing and review. These are fun days for me. Nothing beats opening my mailbox and getting a box of goodies to test and fall in love with!

This is my first BB5 and this particular box was a nice little bonus when I subscribed last week. Cool, huh? I'm always down with free boxes!!

Beauty Box Five is a monthly beauty subscription box and costs $12 per month. If you are interested in subbing the link is posted to the side --->


Like most boxes, this one comes with a nice little card on top that tells you about the products and what a full size product costs.

That Awkward Moment compact mirror

Shameless promotional products. This was a bonus in the box. Although this is fairly flimsy and cheap looking, it will get used.

Nubar vanilla nail + cuticle

NNo exactly sure how they think this smells like vanilla. I'm not picking up on it at all. I do like the oil though. Its easy to brush on and absorbs fairly quick. God knows my cuticles need it. This cold air is killing my skin.

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash

II'v been using H2O products for years now so i am always happy to see anything from them. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering and it left my skin feeling perfectly clean. No funky films left behind. No tight skin stripping either. I may have to grab a full size of this... which i will have to hide because my husband and son always use my body wash up in a week. Seriously, why do boys think you need a massive amount to get clean?

Swissco Bath + Shower Exfoliating Gloves

I've seen these around before but i always thought they were odd so i haven't ever tried them. They work wonderfully, exfoliating without being to abrasive. I still feel weird wearing gloves in the shower though...

Jergens Daily Moisturizer

Jergens has been around for years and I'm sure everyone has used it at some point. I'm not overly thrilled with this one, but it does well and will be used so its OK.

Epic Blend hemp + coconut lip balm

I really really love this. Its organic and moisturizes my lips immediately. It smells yummy and beachy too... makes me want to take a vacation soon!

Overall, I liked this box and will get some use out of all the products.Definitely worth more than the $12 I paid for it. I'm looking forward to what February has to offer!!

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