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January 20, 2014

Product review: Model co. Fibre Lashxtend Mascara

i received this product in my December Popsugar box and I have to say, I wasn't to thrilled. If you are like me and have ridiculously short thin eyelashes, you've probably got more mascara than any other beauty product. I have about 100 of them thrown into my 'this is crap' makeup drawer. My search for that perfect mascara is never ending. so of course, when I saw this I thought "oh joy... more shit... off to the drawer you go.."
Let me tell you....


Holy freaking crap, batman! Stop the search! Stop wasting money! This mascara is the shit!
its not clumpy. It goes on effertlessly and I look like I have on false lashes.

the brush is designed well. Only slightly curved and a perfect amount of bristles to ensure great results.

It retails for around $24 a tube, which is on the higher side for me but its worth every penny! 

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