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February 01, 2014

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant VoxBox Review

*Happy Dance! Happy Dance!*

WooHoo! My very first VoxBox has arrived! What is a voxbox? well, I'm happy to tell you..

A VoxBox is a box you receive from influenster.com (The link is posted to the side --->). You link your social media accounts and earn badges to boost your score. When they feel you are the right candidate, you get a survey and then you may or may not be chosen to receive a box. This is my first box and I'm so excited!!

Dove Advanced Care With Nutrium VoxBox.

This box was sent compliments of Influenster for review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Dove says this gives you 48 hour protection and helps repair the damage to your skin from shaving.

Let me first just say, I am very very picky about deodorant. I have extremely sensitive skin and 8/10 deodorants I try make my underarms get a god awful rash that I swear feels like a chemical burn. So needless to say, I'm always wary of new deodorants.

This deodorant, thankfully, has fallen into the small list of ones I love.

The smell is fantastic. A great clean scent that doesn't overpower or overwhelm me. That's a major plus for me. It also applied very very smoothly without caking up.

A few hours later and I'm still loving it at this point. The scent is still amazing and I'm dry as a bone. No reapplication needed. I'm honestly shocked and amazed that I'm not getting a rash yet. I'm so used to that happening I tend to just expect it.

A couple more hours come and go and everything is fan-freakin-tastic! Dry, no itching, still a great smell. Also, I'm loving the fact that I have had no drying and flaking. Typically by now things have worn off and I need to put it on again... but not with this. Still smooth and doing its job!!

Got through the whole night and I swear this stuff is still going strong. It isn't even on my clothes! I'm amazed! I then take a shower and when I'm done I do a check.... my underarms are soft and smooth. No dryness, no irritation, just fantastic touchable skin!!

Yup, Dove, You've hit a home run on this one. And let me say, I'm honestly surprised. I've used several Dove deodorants before and they've all made me get a rash so I was prepared to dislike this. But nope, I've gotta applaud you this time!

Thanks for the smooth, long lasting, #RaiseYourArms confidence you've finally given me!!

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