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February 19, 2014

"Oh! I see a Sale rack!!" ○●○● Fashion Haul

I love this time a year, don't you? Spring is approaching,  birds are singing, and all the stores start to put fall and winter fashions on sale to make way for bikinis and short shorts!

I consider myself a budget fashionista.  I have a fantastic knack for finding diamonds that have been shoved to the back of a sale rack and camouflaged by hideous sweaters and icky colors. My grandmother used to love taking me with her to shop for that very reason.... what can I say? It's a gift. So while at the mall last week, I put that gift to good use..... VERY good use!

Here's what I got...

Black/gold sweater by XOXO ~ $11 --- chic and so comfortable!   The bodice is a normal thick knit with gold embellishments and the sleeves are a sheer material.  Dress it up or wear it casual. I loooove it! Purchased at Versona Accessories.

Gray Knit top by Cable & Guage ~ $4.00 -- simple top but the lines are all a faux leather that adds a little edge without going overboard. Purchased at Versona Accessories

White/multi stripe sweater by Liz Claiborne ~ $3.99 -- one of my favorites from this haul. Soft comfy and perfect! Purchased at JCpenney.

Jaguar embellished tee by Decree ~ $1.99 -- A good bum around top. Very casual and at that price I couldn't say no! Purchased at JCPENNEY

Cashmere blend colorblock top by JCP ~ $3.99 -- so freaking soft and pretty! And the fit is fantastic. Purchased at JCpenney

Red/black twist front top by Cable & Guage ~ $3.99 -- I love this color and pattern. And it's another versatile look! Purchased at Versona Accessories

Floral Net high low top by Bisou Bisou ~ $6.99 -- this top is amazing. Silky in the front but the back and sleeves are a thick fishnet. Purchased at JCpenney

Loose navy/gold top by Spence ~ $7.99 -- absolutely beautiful! love the fabric and gold detailing. Purchased at Versona Accessories

Black/Pink button cardigan by Worthington ~ $3.99 -- another simple one but also versatile and I love the colors.  Purchased at JCpenney

Embellished Pocket Jeans by Versona ~ $9.99-13.99 -- I've always loved their jeans. The fit and quality is exceptional for the price! Purchased at Versona Accessories

Black suede and patent leather booties by Franco Sartor ~ $15.99 -- oh I am in love with these. And such a steal!! Purchased at TJ Maxx

Red stretch top by Cupie ~ $ 3.99 -- A great basic piece to work with. And very soft too. Purchased at Versona Accessories

Red/white multi stripe top by Liz Claiborne ~ $ 5.97 -- another basic casual chic top I adore the colors. Purchased at JCpenney

Burnt Orange knit top with gold embellishments by Cable & Guage ~ $ 7.99 -- my favorite thing I got. Soft, stylish and the gold buckles down the sleeves are gorgeous!  Purchased at Versona Accessories

Dark wash gold/silver embellished denim jacket by Baccini ~ $ 4.99 -- my other favorite find! Just look at it.... Its beautiful and fits amazingly well! Purchased at Versona Accessories

Black grommet embellished top by Ella Moss~ $3.99 -- Cute and light. Love the details on the neckline. Purchased at Dillard's

Navy and Grey knit top by Ella Moss ~ $6.99 -- no words can describe how much I loooove this top. Dear lord it's soft!! Purchased at Dillard's

Vintage floral pattern tee by Daytrip ~ $ 2.99 -- basic tee but I love the print! Purchased at the Buckle

Black and Gold dangle earrings by Versona ~ $.99 -- so cute and only a buck! Super score!

Multicolored stripe scarf ~ $4.99 -- another favorite.  Its so so pretty! Purchased at Versona Accessories

Yeah... I think I did really well on this trip! Full price for all of these together would be well over $500 and I got out with only spending about $150 (with tax). That's pretty amazing if I do say so myself! Definitely one of my best hauls ever.
Now to find a place in my closet.....

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