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February 24, 2014

Golden Tote Review ○ ● ○ ● ○ February 2014

It's finally here!!!!! Yay!!

 I've been lusting for a Golden Tote for months and couldn't resist trying them out when the opportunity came up.Let me tell you, I am so so happy with this bag!!!!

Golden Tote is a fun way to shop because every month they launch a new collection. You have two options when ordering. For $49 you pick one item from the collection and they pick 1-2 more items to surprise you with and for $149 you pick two items and they surprise you with 3-5 additional items. Its steep but the quality of the clothing is amazing (the founders are the duo behind the brand Puella that is sold at Anthropologie. ) and also, who doesn't like being surprised with clothes?

My first look was so exciting! There it was, a golden tote just for me... yay!

The first item, which is the one I selected is the Retro chic jersey tunic dress. Now this is where I hit a problem. I looked in my bag and had a styling card for the dress... but no dress in sight. My heart sank. Fortunately, they have the best customer service I have ever encountered and shipped my dress to me within just a few hours of me contacting them. Bravo ladies! Thanks for that!!! Seriously,  where else are you going to have that level of service?  Nowhere. .. that's where.

So back to the dress.

HOLY CRAP! I love it Sooooo much! The quality,  the colors... Its just stunning. And the fit is fantastic as well. It looked great belted, unbelted, and I even easily pinned it up to work it as a top. I just can't explain how happy I am with my pick!

Now to the suprise goodies!

Stripe Swing Top by Puella. I was a tad alarmed when I saw how huge this top was when I layed it out and it is HUGE! Surprisingly,  it actually looks really cute on! Perfect for slouchy days.vand did I mention how soft it is? It's possibly one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever owned and I just want to live in it forever...

Lastly was this very soft super big scarf. I'm not usually a big scarf kind of girl but I really like this one. And it's very versatile so I can make it work with just about anything.

So my first Golden Tote was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I loved absolutely everything about it. I'm still stunned by the sheer quality of the items alone, not to mention the kick ass service. This is the model all other subscriptions should look to. This.... This is how you get customers and more importantly,  how you KEEP customers.

I just hope I get my hands on another tote soon! *hint hint* Since my birthday is only a couple of months away.... I'm just sayin'......

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