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February 13, 2014

Wantable Intimates Unboxing & Review -- February 2014

I finally decided to try the Wantable Intimates box this month. I've wanted to get this one for awhile now but I kept shying away. Let me tell you now, I'm SOOO happy I subscribed!!!

Wantable is a monthly subscription box service that offers three different types of box: Makeup, Accessories. & Intimates. All boxes are $36 a month if you subscribe or you can make a one time purchase for $40. What's amazing about their boxes is that they are very customizable. You take a very detailed survey upon signup and you will never get anything you dislike. They also have a great return policy and if you want to skip a month you can with no Hassel!
BTW, I've also gotten their makeup box several times and have always been very pleased with the product quality and value!!

Who doesen't like to open a box and see this. I've always been a fan of their packaging skills. Also a little FYI, they ship incredibly fast. I got my box two days after I placed my order! That's insane!!

Each box comes with a sheet with product information and shows you all the items you checked as like, love, and hate.

Oh my God.... I'm not even pulling things out yet and I am in LOVE!!!

Icy Hot Sweet dots hipster - Retail Price $8.99 --- These are so bright and fun! And deceptively sexy.... the are super sheer! I really like them!

BBetse Johnson houndstooth sleep shorts - Retail Price $29.00 --- OMG! How damn cute are these!? One of my favorite patterns and designers ever! Aside from being super pretty they are also crazy comfortable! Seriously, they are buttery soft... I'm totally wearing them right now.

Happy Socks half stripe socks - Retail Price $12.00 --- very cute and comfortable. Soft and very thick too. Perfect for this cold weather!!

Montelle Brazilian panty - Retail Price $22.00 --- These are so sexy! The color is fantastic and the quality is superb!! I adore the scalloped edges and the little rhinestone at the band.

So I paid $36 for this box and received $71 worth of merchandise. I could not be happier with this box! Everything in it was spot on and well worth the price.... In fact, I loved it so very much that I immediately bought another box. Its pricy, but I am going to faithfully subscribe to this one... its too amazing to get rid of!

If you are interested in subscribing to Wantable, just click the banner on the side -->. It would make me happy!!!wantable.com

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