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March 11, 2014

Beauty Box 5 Review °•°•° March 2014

I was surprised to open up my mailbox yesterday and find the March Beauty Box Five waiting for me. I just got my shipment notification yesterday morning so I wasn't expecting it for a few days. But here it is and I'm happy to tear into it!

I was super psyched when I saw the spoiler BB5 put out a couple weeks ago. A full size make up base by Bellapierre that's worth more than the cost of the box! Hell yes!

This month's theme is Spring Cleaning. Which reminds me that I desperately need to raid my make-up drawers (yes, drawers. Plural. I am a cosmetic junkie) and throw out my old funky stuff to make way for new pretty things.

Swissco Dual - sided facial pad - $ 2 °•°•°•° Anything facial related is a hit with me. I've used many of these over the years and have always found them to be fantastic for light exfoliation.

Tree Hut moisturizing hand cream - $5.29 °•°•°•° yay! A full size lotion! This is a really nice, rich hand cream. Its nice, but I'm not to keen on the smell. Its Coconut Lime... not terrible, but not great either.

Design Essentials natural curl enhancing mousse - $ 3? °•°•°•° I haven't ever tried this brand before but it's a pretty good product and nicely sized. Helped to tame my curls and didn't get crunchy or heavy on my hair.

Bellapierre Cosmetics makeup base - $18.99 °•°•°•° I love this! A full size makeup base that pulls triple duty as a concealer,  illuminator,  and eyeshadow primer. This little pot packs a punch and it goes on smoothly.

Jane's Pick all natural soap - $2? °•°•°•° I love handmade soaps, especially when they have a heavy lavender scent. Seriously,  this soap smells fantastic. Very non irritating and worked wonderfully as a shave cream replacement on my legs.

Totaled up this was a really high value BB5 box. I paid $12 for this box and received approximately $32 in beauty products.  I've been really happy with the past few boxes and hope BB5 keeps up the streak they are on!

If you would like to jump on the Beauty Box Five train, it's only $12 a month and you can sign up now by clicking my referral link HERE.

Did you receive a BB5 box this month? Tell me what you thought of yours!

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