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March 20, 2014

Birchbox Review •°•°•°• March 2014

Birchbox..... sigh..... why am I usually one of the absolute last people to get their box? It always gets hung up somewhere. Yes I know that isn't their fault but it still irritating.  Now, let's get to what really matters here!!

Birchbox is the original subscription box service and the gateway drug for so many subscription box addicts. I started with Birchbox and have been hooked on mail goodies ever since. At $10 a month, it's one of the least expensive subs and the one I recommend most often.

This month's theme is Spring Foward and Birchbox is encouraging us to break free from our winter gloom and start the season off with projects. I'm already on my yearly OCD spring cleaning kick so I'm loving the theme!!

Air Repair rescue balm °•°○°•°  speaking of breaking free from winter, this weather has killed my cuticles. They are so dry and sore! This is very soothing on my cracked skin and isn't nearly as thick and greasy as other similar products I have used before. It also smells fantastic!!

Gilchrist & Soames body lotion °•°○°•° I've used this lotion many times before (Thanks to my stays at Casino hotels) and loooove it! It's rich and smells great. The sample size is also pretty generous.

Inika 'Green Lagoon' Eyeliner °•°○°•°  hell yes!!! A full size makeup product, especially one that has an attached sharpener, is always fine by me and it just so happens I needed a new green liner! It's a beautiful color and although the pencil is a tad hard, it's still very workable. It retails for $20 so this one thing is already worth double what I paid for the box.

Obliphica Professional intensive hair serum °•°○°•°   I've sampled this brand in previous boxes and have been quite impressed. Its a great oil, not heavy or overly thick. I prefer my go to Frizz tamer though (biosilk) but this will be a great travel size for my makeup bag.

Control Corrective oil-free healing lotion & cucumber bead cleanser °•°○°•° the cleanser smells unbelievably yummy. A light cucumber smell that just makes you feel super clean. It is a fairly course exfoliation though so if you have sensative skin you may want to be gentle!  The lotion is nice to. Light and scent free so no heavy oil clogging up my massive pores. I like it!

I could have gotten the box with just the liner inside and I would have still been happy! I really am very pleased with this box and will get use out of every single thing I received.  Majorly happy with the eyeliner though. Thanks for that suprise this month Birchbox!!

If you'd like to subscribe to Birchbox, please use my referral link here. I would love you forever!!
Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  What did you think of your box this month?

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