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March 01, 2014

The Blues Jean Bar Express Box Review + 20% off!

I have found the holy grail of styling services.... no, seriously. ... Its amazing.

The Blues Jean Bar kindly hooked me up with a box so I can show all you lovelies what a style service should be!!

BJB is an amazing unique clothing store concept,, complete with a bar and 'jeanstender' to help you find that perfect pair of jeans. Since they only have a few stores around the country,  not to long ago they launched the Express Box to bring the store to you!

Upon sign up, you give them your basic information and pay your $1 (yup... one. Uno.) deposit. After that, you wait for your stylist to contact you so they can really understand what you like, love, or hate. And what you really want fashion wise. Scottie is my stylist and I have to give major major props for absolutely spot on with what they put together for me!

Within a day, that wondrous box of clothes was shipped out with UPS and on its way to this super eager fashion obsessive woman. When the delivery truck rolled into my driveway I may have even done a little happy dance....

Firstly... good grief this is a big box! And heavy!   I could barely contain myself I was so excited!

And can I just say.... WOW! Everything wrapped up so beautifully in twine. .. they have to have the best packaging skills I've ever encountered.

There was even an actually hand written card. I don't know about you, but I love little touches like this. It's so personal and makes you feel special. We are all fabulous.... they get that and acknowledge it!!

Drool..... fashion lust......

Now let me break this down and show you all how amazing all these items are!!

AS by DF 'james' jacket -- $408 •••••• I had to start with this piece because it is the single most drool worthy jacket I have ever seen in my life. Silk inner lining, lamb leather sleeves and a tweed body. You cannot possibly fathom the depth of my love for this. It's fitted and hits in exactly the right places, giving you style without sacrificing shape. The tweed body is so classic and the leather sleeves with the zipper give it just the right amount of edge. This is going into my list of things to save up for... one day.... it will mine....

Cotton Citizen scoopneck tee -- $67.00 •••••• Possibly the softest tee I have ever encountered.  impeccable fit without clinging, which I love,  and the color (evergreen) is gorgeous.  Its a great basic piece that has already found a new home in my closet!

Fidelity super skinny 'Ace' jeans -- $218 •••••• These were my favorite pants in the box. The look of leather without the crazy hot sticky feeling. Very rock chic. And they hug your booty just right. I love everything about them. They scream 'please wear me to a concert'!

AS by DF 'moth to flame' silk cami -- $156 ••••• this feels amazing on and I'm digging the black leather strips along the body. I also really like how it dips longer in the back. It's different and definitely cute... just doesn't look quite right on me.

Joe's Jeans 'The Skinny' -- $170 ••••• colored denim is absolutely everywhere right now. I have always had an aversion to it, so when I pulled these out of the box, I really didn't think I would like them.... my stylist knows best though.... they looked glorious!  The super skinny purple looked awesome with my black platform booties. And the quality of all Joe's jeans is amazing as well. They are super comfortable!

Brave Leather alternating stud bracelet -- $67 ••••• I'm not usually a huge bracelet fan but this beauty has become my new arm candy! Very well made and not to flashy. Also sits in just the right spot. I have super tiny wrists and these types of bracelet usually sit bulky and awkward on me. Not this one though. It is perfect!

Ellington 'Riley' crossbody leather purse -- $225 ••••• I've always loved Ellington purses. The leather is superb. I'm not a huge fan of the crossbody trend personally but I do like this one. Very simple and sleek without being to crazy bulky.

Henry & Belle coated super skinny jeans -- $180 ••••• I'm new to this whole coated jeans tren s but I'm loving these! They are super stretchy and very figure flatteting. And not to mention, this color blue is awesome. Sadly, they are a tad big on me otherwise they would be staying in my closet.

Amour Vert cami -- $48 ••••• Normally I would not get so excited or a basic cami top but good lord this thing is soft! No joke, it's one of my favorite things in my box. I layer shirts alot and I plan on getting a lot of use out of this top.

Joe's Jeans sheer 'Tamandra blouse ' -- $206 ••••• Another item that I probably never would have picked out for myself but I loved it when I put it on! It's perfect example of classic meets modern. It shows skin in a way that is more subtle and subdued but still has a little edge. If it wasn't for spring and summers impending return, I would have kept this one. But it's definitely on my list for fall fashion must haves!

AS by DF leather sleeveless top -- $220 ••••• the craftsmanship on this is stunning. I love the v neckline and the gold zipper in the back. Sadly, it doesn't work on me, much to my dismay.  My bust size makes it so much harder to find sleeveless tops.... but it's still an amazing unique top!!

Joe's Jeans blazer -- $375 ••••• the quality on this jacket is superb, but it just didn't do it for me. It was definitely sleek and had that rock and roll style I love with the leather accents but the cut just doesn't work on me.

Joe's Jeans coated skinny jeans -- $206 • • • • • More coated jeans! I'm really really loving these. These were a tad to small on me but they are really kick ass. I love the leather look and it adds that little extra omph to set you apart. These may be my next obsession of the season. 

Stolen Sunday 'Moraga' Infinity scarf -- $70 ••••• I'm not a huge fan of scarves but this one is very pretty. Its very thick and I love the variety of colors in it. Not for me though. I just always end up looking weird in them.

James Jeans 'hunter' high rise straight -- $201••••• I think these are the only thing I just really didn't like. The fit is not great on me and I don't do khakis.  But the material is very comfortable and is great quality.

MiH jeans Marrakesh skinny -- $222 ••••• I have never ever heard about this brand, but they have got to be the most amazing perfect pair of jeans I have ever encountered.  They fit in exactly the right places, have the perfect amount of give, and are incredibly soft. Its like a freaking cloud wrapped around you. They are the pants you search forever for and when you find them, you can't imagine ever putting another pair on.   Mind=blown!

Joe's Jeans classic High rise flare -- $185 ••••• Another great pair of jeans I really liked. Joe's Jeans are really such a great quality and the flare leg isn't crazy huge like I've delt with from other brands.

Joe's Jeans classic straight leg Cigarette jeans -- $173 ••••• I'm a bit obsessed with pinup girls and war era fashion so cigarette jeans are always a hit for me. These are really nice and taper down just right. So many of these styles get waaaay to tight on the bottom hem but these were perfect!

I am officially in love with the BJB Express box now. If you are looking for high quality and willing to pay a little more then I highly recommend you try this service out. Let's face it, whoever said 'jeans are jeans' obviously has never had the right pair. Investing in a great, high quality pair may be costly upfront, but they will last forever if you properly care for them!

And as a special perk, just for you my fellow fashionista's, The Blues Jean Bar is offering 20% off any full priced clothing in your first BJB Express box! All you have to do is enter 'Dixie Dolls Glow' in the 'how did you hear about us?' Section upon registration!

What have you got to lose? Your perfect pair is just a click away!!! The Blues Jean Bar

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