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April 21, 2014

BJB Express Box review -- April 2014

I get alot of boxes, but none make me do a happy dance quite like the clothing treasure trove in my Blues Jean Bar Express Box!

If you haven't read my blog before, let me take a moment to fill you in on how it works. Upon signup, you pay a $1 deposit (yes people. Just a dollar. No tricks. No gimmicks.  You will only ever be charged for what you decide to keep!) You will then have your very own personal stylist contact you (*waves* Hi Marnee! You rock!!) So they can get your sizes and figure out what you are looking for. Let me pause here for a moment and say, it is a bit pricey but if you want high quality pieces and premium denim, it's worth every penny!!

Once your stylist gets your preferences down all you have to do is wait for the UPS man to deliver this giant box of fabulousness to you!

I adore how they package everything. Every outfit is bundled together and tied up in twine. And ya'll know how much I love this. Presentation is important and I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I swear I get giddy while I dig into this box every month. Clothes just make me happy!
So let's get this going and I will break it down piece by piece for my lovely fellow fashionista's!

Yosi Samra Studded Flats - $139 --•-- these are not only super cute and pratical, the are also amazingly comfortable. They are perfect for spring weather and the studs are spot on my style. Sadly, I have some of the most narrow feet in history so although the length is perfect, they are just to wide for my narrow little feet. Stupid feet.

Naked Zebra high low top - $52 ~~•~~ I am head over heels in love with this top! The gauzy material draped beautiful and I love the dramatic length in back. Definitely a keeper!!

Henry & Belle Micro Flare Jeans - $158 ~~•~~ I have to say that before BJB I had never heard of this brand but I now love them and own several pairs. These are nicely fitted at the top and feel amazing. They are a bit to long and flare to much for my personal tastes but the are still amazing jeans!

Rory Beca James Overlap side top - $187 ~~•~~ I wish... oh how I wish that I could afford this one! The colors and fit are absolutely perfect and it looks awesome on me. Very flattering and very fashion Foward but I can't justify the cost. I'm seriously thinking I'm going to cry when this goes back!!

Amour Vert corine silk peplum blouse - $185. ~~•~~ I wish this looked right on me! I love Amour Vert (Another brand I discovered thanks to this box!) and the quality is fabulous. The silk is light and perfect and I adore the way it is open in the back. I'm a bit to large in the bust for this to work for me though. It just doesn't work for my body!

Fidelity Roosevelt short - $73 ~~•~~ The fit and length of these are phenomenal.  The hug in all the right places and the price is spot on. If I didn't own several pairs of white shorts I would definitely be keeping these but for now they must go back. Will definitely go after them once I need shorts again though!!

Yummie Tummie Skimmer jeans - $98 ~~•~~ Only enough, I own no white jeans whatsoever so these are much appreciated!  They hit right at the ankles and are mid rise and super slimming! These will be staying with me and finding a home in my closet!!

AlpineStars perforated Moto Vest - $141 ~~•~~  This vest is cute as hell and I love the perforated leather front. This is one of those super chic pieces that I think would work well in all seasons. Its Sadly not a super pratical piece for me so I can't justify the cost when I know I won't wear it all that often. I do love the style though... maybe one day....

Fidelity Mila jeans - $194 ~~•~~ I never ever thought I would like acid wash jeans (seriously. ..The last pair I owned was in about 5th grade) but these look amazing on! Super skinny, fitted beautifully. .. These scream fashion must have. I may have to save up for these cause they really are incredible.  For now... I must drool over them... *hint to my husband since my birthday is soon....*

AlpineStars chain gang tank - $74 ~~•~~ This is a really fun and unusual top. I'm always into the rock chic look (and this would be awesome to wear to Memphis in May Musicfest!) The torn look at the shoulders and the zipper are awesome but as much as I wanted this top to work, something just didn't look right on me.

Overall,  This box was an excellent mix of trendy and classic.  Lots of great pieces and I'm happy to have found a few items I loved and really worked well for me. It's nice to have stylists that work so closely with you and really try to put outfits together that you will love. Marnee hit it out of the park with my box this month!!

I have got to say, out of all the personal stylist services I use, BJB Express is my favorite. Quality of the items can't be beat and they just make the experience so fun and exciting!  I look forward to every box and they have introduced me to so many brands and styles that I never would have discovered on my own. No matter who styles you, you can be sure they will work to find things you will love!!

And the cherry on top, my darlings, is that if you use 'Dixie Dolls Glow' in the how did you hear about us section upon signup,  you can enjoy 20% off full price clothing items in your first box! You know you want to take advantage of this fabulous offer and there is no risk and no obligation to buy! As their slogan goes... "belly up to the bar. We'll cover your a**!"
(Disclosure: Although i do receive credit towards my own purchases, All views and opinions are my own and should be viewed as such)

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