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April 03, 2014

Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review •°•°•°• March 2014

It's always an exciting day for me when I see the FedEx truck rolling up my driveway.  I'm sure the delivery guy is sick of me by now though! I never got a shipment notification for this box so I was thrilled to see it!

If you don't already know,  Fancy.com offers several different boxes curated by celebrity's for $39 (+7.95 shipping). The value is always promised to be above $80 worth of products.  This box is curated by the fashion model Coco Rocha and I think it is my favorite out of all the fancy box subscriptions.

I will never ever understand why they ship in such a massive box... I'm running out of room to put them (I can't throw them away cause who knows when you will need them!)

I love the little cards they send with the items. Each card has a note from Coco telling you why she picked the products and what she likes about them. This month's theme is workout/gym related. Coco must be reading by husband's mind cause he just suggested I go to the gym with him a couple times a week... Sadly I am usually to lazy. Haha.

Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag - $18 ~~●~~ At first I wasn't trilled at this but once I used it I really liked it. It's sturdy and rounded so it's not nearly as bulky as other gym bags I have owned before.

Flavor It To Go - $20 ~~●~~ This is so neat! You put your favorite fruits or vegetables (Coco suggest s strawberries! ) into the tube inside and it infuses your water with flavor.its pretty damn cool and I love it. It's also very sleek and is highly durable and impact resistant!!

#GymSelfie Mirror Tank - $28 ~~●~~ I had a stupid moment when I first saw this because of the backwards writing. Its reversed so you can take a shot of yourself in the mirror!  You gotta admit that's kinda awesome.  It's light and perfect for workouts or sleeping in. Plus, Coco designed it herself!

Happy Plugs Gold Headphones - $35 ~~●~~ these are hands down my favorite thing in the box. Fashionably functional and they have an incredibly good sound quality. They also have a longer cord than usual earphones and I like that.

All totaled, the value of this box comes about $101 . I love everything about the items and this fancybox is quickly moving up to be one of my favorite services.

If you love this box, click here and use my referral link. . Cause that would make me super duper happy!!

Did you get a Coco Rocha box this month? What did you think?

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