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April 21, 2014

Escape Monthly review --•-- April 2014

I've been tracking and stalking my April Escape Monthly box since the moment it shipped so I was super excited to come home and find it in my mailbox today (yes.... The mailbox. It was crammed in there so tight it took 10 minutes to just get it out!).

Escape Monthly is a subscription service that sends you a "Vacation in a Box". Each month is a different destination theme and it costs $49.99 per month. But if you use the code 'YourEscape' at checkout, you can save 20%  off the entire life of your subscription,  bringing it down to $39.99 per month! Inside the box, you'll find loads of goodies ranging from food, to beauty products,  to travel guides. This month's destination is Mexico (or as my son called it "my culture box") and let me tell you, this sucker is heavy!!

So much bubble wrap! This box is bursting with all kinds of interesting things. Now to dig in!!

Mundet Green Apple & Sangria Senorial Soda - $4 per bottle ~~•~~ definitely wasn't expecting soda! My husband gets glass bottle sodas from the Mexican stores alot but I haven't ever tried them. I'm excited to drink these and see how good they are!

Pacifica Mexican Cocoa Candle - $6 ~~•~~ anytime i get candles it makes me super happy! And this one smells delicious.

Gourmet Habanero Salt - $14.99 ~~•~~ I'm not really sure if I've ever seen habanero salt before. Maybe I can try a dash of this the next time I cook and need to add some kick!  Also, this bottle is freaking cute...

Travel Guide - $17.99 ~~•~~  a fun guide filled with spots to check out and sites to see if you make your way down to this region of Mexico in the future. I love these. They are great to look at and make perfect coffee table books.

Mexican Candy - $4 ~~•~~ This was a bonus item. The only one I cared for was the peanut butter marzipan but my son quickly ate all the rest.

Ayate Fiber Exfoliation Cloth - $7.99 ~~•~~ This really scared me at first because it's super rough but I tried it out earlier and it's pretty awesome! The fibers soften up and draw together when wet. Great for gentle exfoliation plus it's mold resistant!

Kopali Organic Mango - $4.79 ~~•~~ these are not for me at all but they were interesting to try!

All totaled, I get a value of about $60. Although I wasn't blown away this month, I still enjoyed to box overall.  It was a nice mix of items and I'm always up to try new foods and beverages.  Next months destination is Beverly Hills and I'm pumped for it! I'm thinking spa products perhaps...? We shall see!!

Did you get the Escape Monthly Mexico box? What did you think?

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