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April 17, 2014

Phone Case of the Month ~ ~ ● ~ ~ April 2014

So it appears that my last case was actually for march because i opened my mailbox today to find my April case waiting for me!

If you don't know, Phone case of the Month is a subscription service that sends you one new limited edition phone case every month.  They cost is $10 per month but if you use my referral link here you will get your first case for only $5!

I know alot of people had major delays this month due to PCOTM's growing list of subscribers so they included a little note with the case to apologize.  It says alot about a service when they do things like this. Lots of companies (*cough* popsugar *cough*) tend to take forever to address such issues or just ignore you completely.  So let's get back on track here.

Ohhhhh... I love it! I've had so many subs have a Paris theme lately so this works perfectly! I really like how it almost looks like it's drawn over old newspapers. 

I am always impressed by the quality of these cases and how they fit on my phone. This really is one of my favorite services now!

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