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April 12, 2014

Popbasic Ashbury Collection Review

If you've never heard of Popbasic then I am about to enlighten you. And if you are feeling the urge to start revamping your wardrobe then I suggest you pay very close attention.

Popbasic isn't really a typical subscription box. If you've ever heard purchased a golden tote this is sorta the same setup. It isn't a recurring auto subscription! . About once a month, Popbasic releases a new "micro collection" that is priced between $50 - $100 (it varies from collection to collection. This collection is priced at $70). The collections contain basic clothing and/or accessory  items that are easy to build upon. All the pieces are great quality and the prices make for a happy wallet (and wardrobe!!)

Madeline,  the co founder of Popbasic,  kindly sent me this month's collection for review.

The three pieces in this month's collection are the Basic Black Tank, Ashbury Vegan Leather Skirt, and the Gwyn Collar Necklace.

 I'm already hopelessly in love with this skirt, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets break  this down piece by piece,  shall we?

If there is one thing that every girl needs and works well for every body type, it's a black tank. Its simple. It's chic. It cannot fail. This one is no exception.  100% cotton and fits like a dream. It pairs well with skirt and necklace for sure but it's such a versatile item it goes with just about anything. Here are a couple of style options I put together with items already in my closet!

To me, with a simple piece, you need colors, prints, or something to give it that wow factor. I tend to like clothes that stand out a bit so while this is also a perfect top for business casual outfits, this craziness right here is how I will be rocking it!!

This necklace is ten shades of fabulous. Its got some weight to it and that's what I look for with a collar necklace. Who wants something that's gonna flop around all day....not me. It's got some super sparkle power and while it's not an everyday item for me, it's fabulous for formal events or for a little flash when i drag my hubby to the theater!

This is the stunner right here. While I will admit I had reservations when I first pulled this out of the box, I have now fallen in love with it and cannot wait for an opportunity to wear it out. This is a statement piece all on its own.. pleated vegan leather, it's gonna turn a few heads so make sure you keep it simple when you build an outfit with this (that's just my personal opinion. To each their own). Two much with this could overwhelm and draw attention away from where it should be..


I paired it (and forgive the god awful lighting in the pictures!) with a few simple pieces I own and really love each and every look. The skirt has a sophisticated edge to it. It's a 'classy but still sassy" wardrobe addition!

There were so many more things I could style these pieces with but you get the idea.

So I am really really impressed with Popbasic. Price, quality, it's all excellent.  I love how versatile every piece is. You have endless style possibilities!  I highly suggest checking it out.. Its WELL worth it! Can't wait to see the next collectio(Another huge thank you to Madeline for hooking me up with this collection! You completely rock!)

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