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May 11, 2014

Beauty Box Five Review ---- May 2014

My May Beauty Box 5 arrived today and I am super excited about it! The last few months have been pretty awesome (in my opinion,  anyway) and I had a good feeling about this month's box.  I managed to stay 100% spoiler free too, which I barely ever do.

For the uninformed, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription service.  The cost is $12 per month, which is extremely reasonable and you get 4-5 products (sample and often full sized too) in your box. Like I said before, they have really been stepping their game up lately, featuring some really great items and brands!

I'm still always amazed at the size of this box. Its so small but always packed with so many products! 

As always, there is the information card telling you all about the products you received and how much the full sizes retail for. This Month, BB5 is urging us to be 'Fresh and Focused' . Treat yourself to some relaxing and detox yourself, dolls. This box is full of goodies to help us do just that!

H2O Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel --- I'm always happy to get this brand because I have used and loved their products for over a decade now. This is a very light oil-free cleanser with a tiny bit of exfoliating power.  It leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I do wish this had been a tad bigger but I will live. ..

Ban Total Refresh cooling body cloths --- I was skeptical about this at first but they really are fantastic!   Perfect for a quick rub down after the gym or outdoor activities.  They smell great and dry to a powdery finish to keep you soft and smelling clean. These are definitely going into my purse!

MaskerAide sheet facial mask --- These must be the new thing in skincare. I received a similar product in another box a few months ago as well. The are a bit messy to me and feel super strange on my face. They leave your skin soft and refreshed though (even though I look like Jason in a slasher flick while it's on my face.)

Harvey Prince 'hello' perfume --- this is a pretty decent sized sample and I've been itching to try this scent out since I saw it in a friends Birchbox last  month. Unfortunately,  it isn't what I hoped for but that is just my personal taste. Its to strong for me!

Cattiva waterproof automatic eyeliner --- I honestly can't say I have ever heard of this brand (that's a good thing for me though. I love new things). Its full size and does a pretty decent job. Ita long lasting as well.... I'm always fine with receiving eyeliner because I go through a TON of it!
Definitely one of my favorite BB5 boxes to date! I love when s box has things I wouldn't normally try because I always find amazing items that way. The value this month is well worth the $12 price tag. In my opinion.

Did you get a BB5 box this month? What did you think? Share your thoughts!

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