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May 03, 2014

Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review --- April 2014

I had to fight the urge to tackle my mailman today... Why, you ask? Because one of my absolute favorite boxes ever was waiting for me. You know which box I'm talking about, my dolls. My holy grail, worship at its awesomeness box...

If you somehow missed it, I am crazy obsessed with this box. It is probably the most consistently fabulous box I get. If you love under a rock, or perhaps you just haven't read my blog before (for shame!) Let me tell you a little about this service.

Fancy offers a wide selection of celebrity curated boxes.  Every month, you receive a box of goodies hand picked by that celebrity just for their subscribers.  Of all the available choices, this one (curated by the fabulous fashion goddess Coco Rocha) is my favorite. It's $39 per month (plus s + h ) and although it's one of the pricey subscription services,  I have never been disappointed with anything I have received.

First look! I swear I think this is the first time I have gotten a box from Fancy that actually needs to be this big. Although I may have cheated a bit and looked at some spoilers, I was still very excited to see all the goodies.

Normally you get small individual cards for the items but this month they were all listed on one card. There are still notes from Coco telling you about each item and why she chose them. You can normally pick up on a theme for each box but this one is a bit more random to me. Possibly 'home' themed?

Squirrel Cushion - $50 ------ I must admit, I was prepared to hate this pillow when I saw the spoilers but it's so damn cute and soft I immediately loved it. It's standard throw pillow size and seems like it's pretty sturdy. Its also just a creamy tan color on the reverse side if you tire of seeing the squirrel.  It matches absolutely nothing in my house but I don't care. Coco says it's adorable and I must whole heartedly agree!!

CMYK Color Coasters - $15 ----- I love art and I always need new coasters. They are all different colors and have the same image of the Mona Lisa printed on them but the real magic happens when you stack them all up together. It forms an awesome almost 3 dimensional portrait.  These are so different and such an oddball item.... I love them!!

Merkury Hexagon Speaker - $40 ------- this is my favorite item! This portable wireless bluetooth speaker has some major audio output! The design is simple but stylish and you can take this absolutely anywhere. Its also rechargeable which is a huge plus for me. This little thing packs a major punch and I've been in need of a new speaker for some time now. Coco, how do you always manage to read my mind!?

All totaled up, i get a value of $105. While there were only 3 items in this month's box,  they were all killer picks. The speaker alone would've made me happy. I can never find fault with my Coco rocha box. .. like, ever. She always delivers a mix of trendy yet pratical items and this month was no exception.  5 stars to coco yet again!!

Did you get this month's box? What did you think? Share your thoughts!

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