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May 26, 2014

Julep Maven 'Summer Brights box review + free box coupon

Limited Edition Summer Brights Welcome Box

By some odd chance of fate I actually have never done a Julep review. Why you ask.... probably because I haven't had a subscription with them for about a year now. Nothing to do with them I just had to take a break from nail polish for a beat. Seriously. ... I have soooo many bottles.... If you follow my instagram you are aware of this.... so back to my actual point.

Julep has always been amazing because, guess what, your first box is free! Yup. That's right my dolls, free (you pay the shipping but its only a couple bucks. Use the code FREEBOX at checkout! ) Julep is running a new promo at the moment where if you sign up and use the code Helloyou at checkout then you get a fabulous limited edition 'Summer Brights' box as opposed to one of the usual welcome boxes.  Of course,  I couldn't resist subbing so I could get my hands on it!!

If you are interested in becoming a Julep subscriber the cost per month (after the 1st box) is about $20 a month. You can find all the details here.

One thing I have loved and missed about being a Maven is how fast they ship. From the time I signed up, it took a total of 3 days to find this beauty in my mailbox!  Crazy fast!

I love how they now include the little booklet to fill you in on everything a Maven needs to know. Also a 50% off coupon for your first order. Woohoo!

Mariska -- My favorite polish in the box. A bright, beautiful coral color. Its also a matte finish and I'm a bit obese with those right now. The formulation is perfect... opaque after 2 coats and applied smoothly.

Caitlin -- A glossy hot pink that is absolutely perfect for summer. The color is gorgeous but it took a few coats to get it where it needed to be.

Kayla -- I really like this one. It's a purple/blue duo chrome.  Reminds me of a pageant dress I wore once... ha. Took about 3 coats but it applied nicely.

Julep Lip Gloss in 'Glowing' -- I'm not usually a fan of glitter lip gloss but I really really love this one. It's a very subtle color and lasts for quite awhile.  Its also got a minty tingle and isn't to sticky.

Julep Kajal Eye Glider -- I've actually used this before and it's one of my favorite eyeliners ever. It's a dual color, black on one end and brown on the other. It lives up to its name, gliding on with ease and precision.  I also love that it comes with a sharpener!

This box has a retail value of about $80 and is probably the best free intro box I've ever seen from Julep. Their Cosmetics and polish formula have gotten so much better than they used to be. I have to commend them on raising the bar and offering such an amazing box!!

If you would like to join Julep Maven,  remember that your first box is free (you pay s+h). I'm not sure when this particular box deal will run out but use the code Helloyou for it and see. If it doesn't work, you still get several options for their normal welcome boxes. Just use code FREEBOX at checkout!!

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