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May 28, 2014

Lily & Eve subscription review

Oh my dolls, where do I even start on this one? Unfortunately,  I am about to do something that I loathe doing. This is a review I considered not even writing because I don't enjoy doing this..... I'm about to give a bad review.

Lily and Eve is an artisan subscription box, one of my favorite types of boxes to receive. On April 3, I joined their affiliate program and picked up a box for myself because I don't like advertising for a company without testing it. Towards the very end of April, subscribers received an email. They apologized for the delay, promising to send out boxes asap. Also telling customers they would receive a partial refund and that we would all receive an extra item for our inconvenience.

Two weeks go by... no box. No tracking. No answer to any form of communication customers send. Needless to say, this is where I start to get worried.
On May 13, I finally got a shipment notification.  I wait.... by the 22, the package still hasn't been scanned by usps. Once again, there is zero reply to my messages or on facebook.

Then late last week, another email. Lily & Eve has gone out of business.  They assured subscribers that refunds would be issued and that our boxes we had paid for in April were on their way.

My tracking finally updated the day after the email and I was happy they were taking care of the matter. I was ready to part amicably.

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find a bubble mailer. What have I bought that would have come in this, I asked myself. Then I saw the lily and eve logo.... I'm sure you know where this is going by now. Here's a look at what was inside. Bare in mind. This is a, with shipping, $25 a month subscription. ...

What....What.... WHAT....WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!

I don't know whether to laugh or be angry. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! A makeup bag and a bottle of HALF EMPTY nail polish. Maybe $5 worth of product and not even remotely close to the items that were advertised to be in the April box.  I don't know why the went out of business,  or their situations.  I mean, I am truly sorry if something bad happened or someone got sick, ect. Regardless,  this is inexcusable. 

I went to the website and it's no longer accessible.  i still haven't been able to reach them. And judging by their Facebook page, no one else has either. Oh and no refunds in sight (from several people I have spoken with, anyways. I don't know if some people got theirs or if nobody got one.)

This whole experience has been completely horrible and should be used as a warning. Be careful about who you do business with because it is so easy to get burned. A lesson learned for myself and many others. If this review happens to be found by the company,  know that I take absolutely no pleasure in writing this but I feel a responsibility to my readers to give the facts. This was such a disappointment. ...
If you are having any similar issues, I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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