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June 16, 2014

June 2014 BJB EXPRESS Review + 20% off

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a tiny (ok.. huge) fashion junkie. I'm constantly reinventing and shaking up my personal style. How does one find such awesome new styles and trends, you ask?  Because I have a secret weapon. And aren't you just dying to know what the secret is.....?

BJB Express

Answer, The BJB Express box and my fabulous stylist, Marnee.

The BJB Express box is, without a doubt, my favorite personal stylist service.  For only a $1 deposit,  the fabulous Blues Jean Bar 'Jeanstenders' will send you a massive box with up to four completely styled outfits. It's a very personal experience,  which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Once you sign up, your stylist will contact you so they can gage exactly what your style is and what you are looking for. It is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g service and it is 100% risk free. Keep what you like and send the rest back with the prepaid postage they provide.  It's easy as pie and although their clothes are on the pricy side the quality is phenomenal and we'll worth the extra money.

.And because the Blues Jean Bar loves all you dolls so much, you get a special treat!  Enter 'Dixie Dolls Glow' in the referral section upon signup and you will be hooked up with a 20% off discount on any full priced clothing purchase in your first box! If that doesn't make you sprint towards their website asap then I don't know what will!

First look! I swear each box gets better and better. Just on the first tiny look I already know that I'm going to love pretty much everything. Marnee has outdone herself this time!

Sleeveless summer dress by Blu Pepper - $60 ---- This is the first thing I saw and I think I was in love with it before I even pulled it out of the box. This has got to be the cutest dress ever. It's super light and breezy, perfect for these hot southern days. I love the open detail in the back as well. This is one of those must have items because it can easily be dressed up or down. Versatility is key to me and this definitely fits the profile! Sadly it's to snug on me though.... that makes me sad...

AlpineStars ' Something In The Way ' maxi dress - $ 165 ---- I'm not usually a huge fan of maxi dresses.  While I'm not short I'm also not tall by any means so maxi dresses generally tend to look odd on me but I'm so in love with this one. It's the most amazing perfect beautiful stunning dress I have ever put on. The pictures do it no justice and it looks amazing on me if I do say so myself.  It pains me almost to the point of becoming physically ill that I have to send this back. It's the dress of my dreams but I can't afford it right now.  Maybe one day.... excuse me while I go cry...

Blu Pepper knit top - $ 56 ---- this brand is becoming one of my favorites very quickly.  I love the open back and crochet detail on the shoulders.  It looks great with jeans but the oversized style also pairs extremely well with shorts for a casual fun summer look!

C&C California Dip Dye Tube Top - $ 118 ---- I'm not a huge lover of tube tops but I do love this one. The crochet overlay is gorgeous and I love the ombre style color.  It bands at the wait and then flares a bit so it's very flattering and hides tummy issues.

Henry & Belle Super Skinny Jeans - $153 ---- I discovered this brand through BJB Express and fell in love with it. These are awesome. .. so much so that I actually own an identical pair of these as well as another pair in a dusty rose color.

Blu Pepper open front woven jacket - $ 42 ---- this is a lightweight piece perfect for mild summer nights. I love the leather detail on the shoulders and the zippered accents on the back.

Fidelity Denim Roosevelt shorts - $ 78 ---- I'm so glad that I got these because my only other pair of white shorts gave out last week. These are really great quality that are thick enough to combat the dreaded 'I can see through your pants' debacle and I love the length as well.

Joe's Jeans cleo tank - $62 ---- I do like this brand and it's extremely soft but I have about a billion tank tops already. Plus I just can't pay that much for a tank!

Amour Vert daisy shorts - $62 ---- another brand I love thanks to BJB Express!  They are Sooooo soft and comfortable!  And they have pockets which makes me happy... I can't ever find shorts like this that have them!

Love Quotes eyelash scarf - $86 ---- I can't pull off the whole scarf in the summer look so this isn't my thing but it's nice and a very pretty color though!

Toms bellevue sunglasses - $118 ---- Completly my style but I have about 25 random pairs of sunglasses already so I don't need to ad more to the mix. I do, however,  love the shape of these!

Amour Vert poppy sleeveless dress - $180 ---- This is a very classic look that's very versatile.  I love the pleats and the back is very cute. Sadly I can't really pull this off.... Also I avoid white dresses.... because inevitably my clumsy self drops something horrendously messy on it and ruins it....

Madly Yours crossbody purse - $58 ---- I think this is the only thngI just absolutely did not like. I know, I know... These are very in at the moment... but I just can't jump on this train. I want my purse contents to remain hidden, thank you kindly.

I think this was my favorite box to date. My lovely stylist hit a home run on this one. A variety of styles, fabrics, and colors that all left me with a fashion high. Every box just gets better and better.

I can't stress enough how highly I recommend this service and think every fashionista needs to try it. It's such a great, personalized experience that doesn't hesitate to work with you directly as much as you need. It's an introduction to so many brands and styles you may otherwise never hear of or try and the BJB team knows their stuff, slowly helping you to determine what your personal style truly is.

Don't forget, dolls. Its risk free and you are under no obligation to buy but I'd be willing to bet your going to want to! Now go forth,, my dolls, and let BJB Express work their magic for you!!

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