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June 25, 2014

June 2014 Treatsie Review + FREE box coupon

In the world of subscription boxes,  few make me happier than a box of goodies delivered to my door. My favorite of all the endless choices though, is Treatsie!

Treatsie is a monthly subscription service delivering a box of delecious delectable Artisan sweets that are sure to keep your taste buds happy! The cost is $15 per month plus $4.99 shipping.  However if you use my referral link here you can get your first box FREE,  just pay s+h. The shipping is justified and completly reasonable. They take care with your box, tucking it (and a cold pack) safely inside a thick insulated package and delivering it via FedEx. They are based just a couple hours from me so I received my box less than 24 hours after it shipped!

I wasn't able to resist and looked at the spoilers so I already knew what was going to be in the box but I still tore into it eagerly.  Seriously,  ya'll have no idea of how much I have been dying to get into this box....

Oh Treatsie. ... you have made my sweet tooth oh so happy.

The info card details the prices of the included items and gives a brief summary of the products and brands featured in the box.

Brittle Brothers Cashew Brittle - $5 ---- I don't think I have ever had any brittle without peanuts. And honestly,  I don't generally like cashews, but oh my lord.... This is one of the best things I have ever tasted. It's  not to hard like many other brittles I've tried and it's an absolutely perfect blend of sweet and salty. i just wish i had hidden it a little better because my son ran off with it and got the last couple of pieces i was saving!

The Salty Road Salt Water Taffy - $7 ---- Ever since I was little I have had an addiction to salt water taffy... a trait I seem to have inherited from my mother and grandmother. It is so so hard these days to find a decent brand that gets it right. That said, these are probably the best I have had in years. I received the vanilla flavor and it's heavenly!  It's flavorful and a perfect consistency.  I devoured these and am already dying for more!

Olive & Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate Bar - $7 ---- in addition to the beautiful packaging this tastes delicious as well. It's a much milder taste than any other white chocolate I have tasted and has a tiny bit of  tangy flavor from the buttermilk.
Olive & Sinclair Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar - $7 ---- This is the only thing I didn't like. I love dark chocolate and sea salt but this one was far to overwhelming for my palette.  I just didn't care for this at all!

The total retail value for this box is $26 and while it isn't a crazy high value, it is absolutely worth the price of the box. I love being able to sample sweet treats and the contents are available for sale in the Treatsie shop so you can buy more of your favorites. More than anything though, what makes Treatsie stand out is the obvious care and love they put in to make g sure you receive a perfect box. 
Very few companies bother to do that these days and it's much appreciated.

If you have a sweet tooth, you absolutely need to try this box out. I know I wasn't dissapointed and I'm sure you won't be either!!!

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