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July 23, 2014

July 2014 Bulu Box Review + 50% off!

In the avalanche of boxes arriving this week, my July Bulu Box stood out amongst them all with its bright orange box. Yay!

If you are unfamiliar with Bulu Box,  let me tell you a bit about them. Bulu Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly subscription service that provides you with an array of health and wellness samples. There are two box options to choose from.  One being a weight loss box and the other is the traditional box. This review is for the traditional box.

The cost is $10 per month but Bulu box is giving a special discount to Dixie Dolls Glow readers!  Use the code BULUGAN573 at checkout and you'll get 50% off of your subscription. A three month subscription for only $15? Can't beat that!! Also, if you sign up now, your subscription includes a year of Women's health magazine!

Helps Herbal Tea Suppliments --- These tea sachets are filled with natural goodness! One is for kids and is supposed to help relieve tummy problems and the other is for women who may need a little relief during those not so fun times!

Kickbutt Amped Energy Balls --- A delicious little thing made with chocolate,  honey, and caramel.  They are packed with protein and vitamins to kick your booty into gear!!

Rutaesomn Sleep Aid ---  This isn't a sleep aid in the traditional sense. The ingredients in it are just to promote a better sleep experience,  leveling things out so that caffeine coursing through your system won't keep you up all night.

Beanfields Bean & Rice Barbecue chips --- I was a bit hesitant about these at first but after one bite, I was smitten!  Healthy and delicious!

Solederm After Sun Solution --- An after sun lotion that helps to repair that awful thing we call sun damage. I think that's something we all need!

Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar --- this is crazy delicious!  And it's a perfect on the go pick me up!

This month's box also included a coupon for two free weeks of FitFusion, an online unlimited streaming library of workout videos.

I'm very pleased with this month's box. It was a really great mix of products and I will happily put them to good use!

Did you get a Bulu Box this month? What did you think? Share your thoughts! I love to read them!

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