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July 26, 2014

July 2014 Callibox Review

It's no secret that I love all forms of Artisan subscription boxes.  The care and effort that goes into every item is unlike anything else. It's a unique experience I always look forward to!

Callibox , who kindly sent me this box for review,  is a monthly Artisan subscription box. For $20.00 per month you will receive a beautifully curated box full of unique items from independent artisans. I always recommend this type of box to anyone with an Etsy addiction!

First look upon opening!

I'm constantly amazed by how many items can go in these small packages. I love it!

Each box comes with an information card listing the included items and what they retail for. I always appreciate these!

Meyer Market Designs greeting cards - $8.00 --- I love these. The print is gorgeous, as well as the card stock used. I like a sturdy card. I've actually been meaning to pick up some more thank you cards so this worked out perfectly!

For The Love Of Suds lip balm - $3.00 --- I like the feel of this. Not waxy at all, which seems to be an issue with many handmade Cosmetics I've tried before.  And 
it tastes dead on like Double Bubble gum. Yummy!

JCSpock Flexible Refrigerator Magnet - $4.00 --- I wouldn't normally get very excited about a magnet but the size and print on this one is absolutely gorgeous!

Callibox Team Button Bow Earrings - $5.00 --- ok, the flag design buttons they used are adorable. Very July appropriate! 

Purse & Pocket Monthly Quote Magnet - $4.00 --- Not anything I'd ever really buy myself but it's useful and neat!

Callibox Team Bottle Opener Key Chain - $4.00 --- very patriotic and useful.  This is going onto my keys asap. You never know when you may need it and when that need arises I usually can't find one to save my life!

Handmade In Chico Scrabble Tile Pendant - $6.95 --- Love Love Love it! It's cute and simple and has that unique flare I adore so much.

Callibox Team Ribbon Bookmarks - $4.00 --- I can't express how much I love these! I hate paper bookmarks because the always fall out and I can't stand folding the corners of my page. These are cute and probably one of my favorite things in the box!

This box comes to a value of about $37.00. A great value to me, personally.  I 'oooh'd' and 'ahhh'd' so much while i looked at all these little treasures.  I love everything  about this box and if you have an affinity for handmade items I strongly urge you to try Callibox out for yourself! I know I wasn't dissapointed and I'm betting you'll fell the same!

Have you subscribed to Callibox?  What are your thoughts? Tell me about it!

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