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July 07, 2014

July 2014 MunchPak Mini Review

You know what's awesome?  Food. It's the thing that we require to survive and it's a necessity I most certainly enjoy. I think we can all agree that it rocks. However, what doesn't rock is eating the same snacks over and over and over again. Sure, they still taste great and there isn't anything wrong with them, but the familiar items we've snacked on for years eventually start to get a bit....boring. That's one of the many reasons I love foodie friendly subscription boxes!

Now let me tell you about MunchPak!

MunchPak,  who kindly sent me this box for review,  is a dream come true for adventurous snackers! There are three separate munchpak plans to choose from: mini (7.95 per month), original (13.95 per month), and family (24.95 per month). No matter what size MunchPak you choose, you're sure to find some great new snacks from all over the world! That's something I really love about this subscription,  the fact that you get to sample international munchies!

I really didn't expect this box to contain that many snacks considering this is the 'mini' version. I'm very pleasantly surprised!

Lorenz Pomsticks ---  made in Germany,  these are crispy potato sticks with a perfect sour cream and onion flavor. My son loooove these.

Hi-Chew fruit chews --- Japanese peach flavored fruit chew candys. I loooove the flavor. Perfect to put in my purse for when I get a candy craving!

Glico Pretz Sticks --- made in Japan. These little cracker sticks remind me of another well known US brand. They are really good and a perfect munching food.

Marshmallow with cream center & rice crackers --- I don't read Japanese so I'm clueless on the brand name for these. My son devoured the rice crackers but the marshmallow was a no go. It has a green tea flavored creme in the center that just did not work for me.

Stark Smoki snacks --- product of Serbia. These are peanut flavored puffed corn snacks. They aren't awful just to bland for my taste!

Kusagui fruit gummy candy ---- I think gummy snacks are my son's favorite thing ever and these assorted fruit flavors must have been good because he devoured them before I could get any!

Tayto Snax ---  cheese and onion potato snacks from Ireland. While my husband liked these... I did not. Far to much onion flavor for me!

Hitschler Softi --- A little fruit flavored candy chew from Germany. Another hit with my son!

Dobrogea Eugenia cookies --- milk and vanilla cream cookies from Romania.  Very similar to many other brands here but they still super yummy!!

Overall, we really enjoyed the snacks we received.  It was a nice blend of products and flavors and definitely something my family and I will be trying again!

Do you subscribe to MunchPak?  What did like this month? I always love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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