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August 17, 2014

August 2014 Bulu Box Review + 50% off coupon!

I don't believe I even got a shipment notification for my Bulu Box this month, so I was surprised and pleased to find it in my daily mail!

If you aren't familiar,  Bulu Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly subscription service that provides you with an array of health and wellness samples like vitamins, suppliments,  protein snacks, ect. They offer two different subscriptions - classic and weight loss.  The cost is $10 per month but if you use code BULUGAN573 at checkout you can get 50% off you subscription!

Bulu Box announced last month that the August box would be curated by celebrity trainer and fitness guru, Larysa DiDio so I was really excited to see just what that collaboration would bring!

Probably the heaviest Bulu Box I have ever received. Things are looking fabulous this month!

Dream Water --- this contains GABA, Melatonin, 5HTP, three natural ingredients that help to promote  a sound and restful nights sleep. Definitely useful for me. I'm a night owl and trying to get back into the school time schedule is just not happening for me!

NBG Matrix --- according to the card, this suppliment is made using USA grown organic mushrooms to help with energy, digestive issues, support your immune system.  Lots of benefits I could use in my life!

Bulumu 'Red, white and blueberry' granola snack --- yeah, I'm a granola freak so I ate this within five minutes of getting the box! It's a very convenient, healthy snack with loads of yummy flavor! Nothing irritates me more than bland food and I'm glad this had such a great flavor profile!

EBOOST Natural Energy Shot ---  While this tastes horrendous (as i have found most energy shots do) it does its job well. No jittery caffeine coursing through your system and causing that awful crash. Just a more alert, pleasant self!

Soile Vital & Soile Excell --- one supports immunity and the other supports a healthy libido.  Two very important things to maintain. I'm sure we can all agree on that.

Zestra arousal oil --- uuuuummmm..... I honestly don't know what to say about this one. The box contains a one time use packet of oil... I'm going to leave it at that.... I'm pretty damn sure ya'll can figure this one out yourselves.... yeah......

Forgiven hangover cure --- A nutrional shot for those nights you got a tad to inebriated.  It works to rid your body of the toxins and get you a little more ready to face the day.

Ok, I have to just pause for a moment and say I feel like this is the beginning of a dirty joke. "Libido boosters, arousal oil and a hangover cure all show up in a bloggers mailbox....." BAHAHAHA!

In all seriousness though, this was a very diverse and interesting box full of lots a wonderfully large samples. I love Bulu Box because it has loads of items I can actually use to better my health and body. I always look forward to that bright orange box in the mail!

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