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August 06, 2014

July 2014 BJB Express Review + 20% off

Remember when you were a little girl and how fun playing dress up was? Weather you had costumes or just your mothers old clothes, it was always so exciting to open up that box or trunk and pull out those items that transformed you into whatever you wanted to be. The possibilities were endless!

For me, my monthly BJB Express box recaptures that feeling.Every month I get to open that huge box filled with new and exciting pieces picked by my own personal stylist. Sounds pretty great huh? Let me share with you how it works!

BJB Express is one of the coolest styling services I've come across.  For only a $1 deposit,  you'll be set up with a stylist who works to find the perfect outfits to fit your style. After your consultation, you'll be sent a massive box filled with high quality and trendy clothing. Try it all on, pick what you love and send the rest back with the prepaid return label. Mention Dixie Dolls Glow at signup to get 20% items in your first box! 

I always get so excited when the UPS man pulls up with this box. Its one of my favorite moments to open it up and see what new fabulous things are inside!

Gypsy Silk Racerback Romper - $192.00 --- I normally have an aversion to rompers but ohhh how I love this! It's sleek and stylish but still comfortable. The fit is impeccable too. No frumpy-ness here. And it has pockets! Yes... I got excited over pockets.

The Elizabeth Chronicles 'F is for Fashion' Tee - $34.00 ---- While i know this shirt isn't going to be for everyone, I adore it! The quote and picture are from Anna Wintour, the diva extraordinaire editor in chief at American Vogue. This shirt, just like her, is amazing. It's casual and soft and I love it.

Joe's Jeans Bermuda Shorts - $156.00 --- I'm a big fan of Joe's Jeans but these didn't do much for me. I'm to short to successfully pull of this cut, but I do love the distressed look of them.

AlpineStars Leather Sleeve Tee - $74.00 --- The perforated leather sleeves are beautiful. It's simple with juuust enough attitude to make you standout!

Henry & Belle Super Skinny Jeans - $165.00 --- If you've ever been on my blog before, you already know that I'm obsessed with this brand. I have a several pairs of these in different colors and I love this orchid shade. They fit perfectly where they should and it's one of the best cut of jeans ever.

Lady Jeans Woven top - $76.00 --- Yay! I've been really excited to get my hands on this brand. Lady Jeans is the new line by The Blues Jean Bar ' s founder. This top is gorgeous but sadly didn't work on me. My chest always gets in the way.... a problem I have had ever since puberty hit... stupid chest...

Henry & Belle sailor shorts - $153.00 --- these are so cute but stripes on me is a no no. I love them though!

Gypsy 05 Bamboo Dress - $158.00 --- I can honestly say that this dress does absolutely nothing for me. I love the colors but it hangs so loose and oddly on me. Not for me at all!

AlpineStars Flavia Tank - $156.00 --- I really like this but it just doesn't work on me. I adore the zippered detail and the cut, but alas, my chest gets in the way yet again.

Henry & Belle Tie Dye Super Skinny Jeans - $206.00 --- I'm not usually a fan of tie dye jeans but the way these are done is gorgeous.  Most pairs like this I've come across have to much of an 80 ' s feel for me oersonally. Beautiful fit too, though that's no surprise with this brand!

I have mixed feelings about this month's box.  This is the first time I've ever opted not to keep anything. Don't get me wrong,  there were some beautiful items in there, just nothing that jumped out and screamed 'KEEP ME!'. But that's one reason I love BJB Express so much. It's made me step out of my comfort zone style wise and when I do find something I like, it's amazing in every way!

What will next month hold? You never know but I'm sure excited to find out. I love me some BJB Express and I'm guessing you stylish dolls will too!

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