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August 13, 2014

Memebox Superbox #34 DermoCosmetics 2 Review

Memebox is very quickly becoming an obsession for me. If you've ever ordered one, I'm sure you know how I feel. They're just so tempting and wonderful!

Never heard of Memebox?  Well let's fix that, shall we? Memebox isn't your typical subscription service. Really it's not s subscription at all. They put together themed and curated box's filled with the top Korean beauty products. They release new boxes every week and if one catches your eye, you purchase it. No commitment. No monthly fee. And you get your money's worth too. The price varies on each box but your getting full size products so it's still a great deal.

This time I went a little bigger and grabbed a Superbox. This one is the DermoCosmetics 2 collection. Filled with full size, dermatologist tested products that will pamper, restore and rejuvenate your skin. (Side Note: I got an upgrade to express shipping.. it got here in a day. A DAY! From the other side of the world!!! That's amazing!)

Once again, I'm so very happy that they give you a detailed information card in English.  It's much appreciated!

Kang Skin Rejuvenating Cream - $72.00 --- A thick, super hydrating cream enriched with adenosine, ceramide and snail mucus extracts. This is one of those things you don't need a huge amount of. It improves your skins elasticity and diminishes stress induced signs of aging. (Bye bye worry lines!). And the packaging is gorgeous!

Cotterang Bubble Peeling Pad - $7.00 --- this is new to me. Bubble Peeling Pad?  Apparently it's an exfoliating pad that help remove dead skin cells and excess oils. Supposedly,  it gives you the same peel effects at home as you'd get at the super expensive doctor treatments. We shall see...

reBorn Calming Skin - $30.00 --- first, I love how mild and light this smells. Second,  I adore that it's a spray! It's full of ceramide, niacinamide and other oriental medicinal extracts that soothes and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin. And it keeps that skin soft and supple in the process!

Kang Skin Aqua Essence - $72.00 --- I LOOOOOVE this!  It's thin, non greasy and you skin just drinks it in. It's formula is based from hyaluronic acid and treats excessive dead skin cells. It's like food for your skin!

Cotterang Acne Killer Kit - $20.00 --- This is the only thing that I'm unsure about.  The name sort of terrifies me! It's a 7 day treatment that 'kills' stubborn acne and removes piled up dead skin cells. It smells really stout and it's a multi use, multi step product that says it will give you dermatology-like results. It may take me some time to muster up the courage to try this killer solution!

With a total retail value of just over $200, I can safely say this box kicked some major butt! All full sized products in a box make me super happy, especially when most of them are pretty high end. Curse you, Memebox.  You've only deepened my need for more of your fan-tabulous boxes.  I'm addicted. .. you've got me. I hope your happy now! HaHa!

Tried out Memebox lately?  What was your opinion about your box? Comment below and share!

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