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September 19, 2014

September 2014 Love With Food Review + Free Box Coupon!

If there's one thing that can cheer up a sick child it's the arrival of the September Love With Food box! 

If you don't already know,  Love With Food is a monthly subscription service that provides an array of healthy snacks for only $10 per month (plus 2.00 shipping). Its truly a service that you can feel good about purchasing because with every box they sell, Love With Food donates a meal to feed a hungry child in the USA. It's an amazing subscription and if you're intrigued by it, Click HERE to get your first box FREE (just pay shipping).

Every month brings a new theme around which the box is curated. This month's theme is Spice Up Your Life. The provided pamphlet gives you all the information about both the theme and the box contents.

Ok... already seeing a few things that look crazy delicious!

Lemon Rosemary Seasoning by Food City Spice Co --- I love this spice blend. Anything lemon works for me and I have already used this with a few dishes and really enjoyed it.

Churro Kettle Corn by Love With Food --- I'm a bit obsessed with kettle corn and this one is crazy delicious!  Cinnamon and sugar? Yes please!

Roasted Hemp Seeds by Ziggy Marley Organics --- I had doubts about this... I mean, it's hemp...they make rope with it. I tried them... and immediately spit them out. Seriously the most awful horrible thing I have ever ever tasted. .. blech!

5 Spice Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co --- Shotwell Candy Co is made locally in my area and I will never get enough of their caramel.  This aren't my favorite flavor but still enjoyable!

Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins by Mandy's --- Cookie thins! I love them in general but these are so so good. My son let me have a nibble before devouring them and immediately asked me to buy more.

Green SuperFood by Amazing Grass --- can't give an opinion on this because I can't bring myself to try it. It's suggested to use this powder in a smoothie but I just can't do it!

Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips by Way Better Snacks --- these are yummy. I can always do with some spicy crunchy goodness.

Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce --- I may try this but I'm scared to do it! Aren't ghost peppers some the the hottest on the planet?!

Not my favorite box ever but I did find a few new favorites in here anyways! I especially liked the seasoning and the cookie thins! I look forward to every Love With Food box because of the huge array of good for you snacks. Looking forward to seeing what kind of scary delicious treats the October box will offer!

Did the September Love With Food box 'sp¡ce up your life'? Share your thoughts below!

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