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October 10, 2014

Bargain Beauty - Why 'Cheap' is a misleading label

Drugstore beauty products.  There's a certain stigma attached to brands sold from mass market chains and dollar stores. The first word that usually comes to mind about these products is cheap. And while the prices are significantly lower than those high end lines, our perception of these products is very often misleading.  Cheap doesn't always mean poor quality. Cheap doesn't always mean bad!

I think every single one of us has picked up a new product or two from the drugstore before only to have an issue with it a short time later. No matter the problem, a bad experience with one brand can leave your view of other similar brands severely tainted. But can't that be said for most anything?  Even the expensive brands have faults and, let's face it, many of us can't afford to maintain our beauty junkie habits on those $50 nail lacquers and $30 eyeshadows.

I make it a habit to pick up inexpensive products on a regular basis and am pleased to say that I have found some really amazing items that work for just about anyone's budget.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner -$4.79 --- I will admit, as a hair stylist I have always preached the importance of Salon only brands. So many of the shampoos on drugstore shelves do absolutely nothing for the condition and health of your hair.... but I suppose there are exceptions to every rule though, huh? my baby fine and flat hair has absolutely never looked this fabulous. Its a thick formula but lathers like crazy. Oxygen rich ingredients give you an extremely clean scalp and delivers a voluminous and natural bounce!

Hard Candy Kaleidoscope Baked Eyeshadow - $5.80 --- when I first spotted the Hard Candy line in Walmart a few years ago I was beyond happy. These baked shadows are absolutely phenomenal. They last for hours and the pigmentation is on part and maybe even better than some brands that cost three times as much. Try using them as a wet shadow for an even more intense pop of color!!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer - $7.99 --- I can't stress enough how important a good primer is and this one is probably my favorite one ever. It's very slightly tinted and goes on for an incredibly smooth and silky finish. I'm serious. .. This is light, does its job and has the best price tag ever.if it ever gets discontinued I will cry hysterically.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Plumping Lip Gloss - $15.00 --- for years, I thought the only lip plumper I would ever love was Fusion Beauty Lip Inflation but then I found this. Some will debate that this is not a drugstore brand but since I get it at Target for under $20 I think it falls into that category.  The name is what originally drew me in but the quality and effectiveness is what has kept it one of my must own products. The amount of plump it provides is crazy and it doesn't burn like many others do.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish - $5.99 --- Textured polish is obviously not for everyone but I can't get enough of it, especially this one. The raised granular effect is so fun and the coverage and wear time is unbeatable!

City Color Be Matte Blush - $4.90 --- This is one I discovered through my Ipsy subscription. I honestly was shocked to find that this was such an inexpensive product. Not only is the packaging and size great, the blush has a TON of pigmentation and it has quickly become my everyday go to cheek color!

Hard Candy Curl up & Dye Mascara - $6.00 --- yup Another Hard Candy product. If you love a good curling mascara then you can't get better than this. And it comes in some crazy colors too, just in case you feel like being a little daring!

Dial Lotion Infused Vitamin Boost Body Wash - $2.97 --- This is another one I discovered through Popsugar.  It's not only affordable and smells amazing, it's possibly my favorite body wash ever. The lotion infused in it makes for the most luxurious lather and some crazy soft skin!

Obviously,  this is only a small fraction of the fantastic products I've come across but I have to stop here or I'll go on forever! But my point is, don't be afraid and limit yourself when it comes to beauty products. Let yourself test new things and throw out the notion that you have to purchase expensive brands to get a quality product. Finding your new holy grail product is half the fun and you never know.... yours may be right around the corner at the Drugstore!

Now it's your time to share! What have been your best (or worst) inexpensive finds?

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