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October 29, 2014

Fashion Obsession - Le Tote Review #2

If you follow my blog, you know that my new favorite thing in the entire world is the amazing and fabulous service known as Le Tote.

What is Le Tote,  you ask? Only a budget fashionista's best friend! Think of it as Netflix for style. A constantly revolving closet at your fingertips! Every month you pay a $49.99 fee. And while this may seem high at first, it's well worth it. The fee covers you for unlimited totes every month. Sign up, browse the  Le Tote inventory and add the items you love to your virtual closet.  While you aren't guaranteed to get those specific items in your tote, it does help the stylists figure out your style and send suitable items to you. Every tote contains 3 clothing items and 2 accessories.  Wear them (yes! Wear them!) Love them, and send the items back when you are done with the free shipping label provided to you. A new tote will be sent out to you as soon as they get the previous tote back.

But, what if there is something you can't let go of? No problem!  You can purchase any of the items in your tote at discounted prices.  Sort of like a consignment store merged with netflix.  There is no need to clean the items before you send them back either. Le Tote takes care of all that!

This is my second box from Le Tote and it is rapidly becoming the most stalked of all my subscriptions.  I swear, one day my mailman is going to think I am insane. I lurk by the window all day long waiting to see his truck.... Perhaps I need help. Is there a rehab for mail obsession? Ha!

The premise of Le Tote is a bit confusing at first so I love that the include this concise little card to remind you of how it all works.

I think every item I received this time was in my virtual closet! Yay! And please forgive me for using the Le Tote images of the clothing! The just look so much better than mine did!

Viv V Pullover Sweater by I.Madeline - Cost to Keep: $56.00 --- Oh my god I love this! The thick two tone navy/black knit and the silk v panels in front and back are not only  gorgeous bit also very figure flatteting.  And the zippers on either side give it that touch of rocker edge I love so much! I debated on keeping this one but had to resist that temptation.

Victorian Crystal Bracelet by Adia K - Cost to keep: $28.00 --- the amount of sparkle this piece has is phenomenal!  Talk about some ultra serious wow factor! Completely my style!

Jack by BB Dakota Jacket - Cost to keep: $54.00 --- If you love this and want it in your tote, I'm sorry but I now own it! Ha! I could not let this go. The mixed colors and textures did it for me and the fit is impeccable.  I fully intend on wearing the hell out of this gem!

Maison Quartz Necklace by Maison Scotch  - Cost to keep: $14.00 --- very simple but cute. If I didn't already own a similar necklace I probably would have kept this one as well.

Lindsey Tunic Blouse by Daniel Rainn - Cost to keep: $54.00 --- it's always nice to find a simple top that can be worn with nearly anything. The high low hem is a perfect length and it fits very nicely.

You are killing me Le Tote! How are you so perfect?! Out of all the personal styling services out there, this has very very easily become my favorite. The rental concept in itself is genius. Add in the fact that you get unlimited totes per month and the fact that the items are affordable and you've got a serious recipe for success!  Tote #3.... come to mama!!!

What do you think of Le Tote? Share your thoughts below!

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