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October 14, 2014

Le Tote Review - A never ending wardrobe delivered to your door!

I am willing to admit that I am a full blown budget fashionista.  I've always had the knack for finding unique and inexpensive items and creating a look that screams 'expensive' without actually causing sticker shock. My grandma (who we called Mimi) was one of the reasons for my fashion obsession. I can recall so many times we would dig into the back of sale racks and emerge with forgotten designer pieces that had been overlooked by so many other shoppers. The rush of finding a $100 pair of jeans for $5 is unbeatable!

As an adult, my obsession has evolved but the older I got, the more expensive my tastes became. Carrying on with my continuous closet overhaul gets a bit more difficult once you start worrying more about what your family needs and less about what you want. So, my dolls, what does one do to feed your style habits without breaking the bank?

Meet my new best friend, Le Tote! If you don't already know,  Le Tote is a monthly clothing subscription service.  However,  it isn't your typical box. Le Tote is a clothing rental service. At signup, you give your measurements and take a style survey.  From there you can browse through their inventory and add them to your virtual closet. While you aren't guaranteed to get those specific items in your tote, they do help your stylist gage what else you may like.

The fee per month is $49.99 for the Boutique Box and while it seems high, it's an unlimited service. That means that when you finish with your tote, you send it back and they send you a new one. It's a constant revolving closet! You can wear everything you receive and if you should happen to love it you can purchase it (think of it as a nifty consignment store merged with netflix!). Shipping is free both ways and they take care of cleaning the items once they get them back. It's such an amazing concept and a dream come true for the fashion addicted!

Want an awesome incentive to try out Le Tote?  Use the link here to sign up and use code LT50 for 50% your first month!

Le Tote was super fast on shipping! I signed up on Wednesday and my first order arrived on Saturday!

Ok...that's just fantastic. Beautiful packaging and presentation are a major factor for me so I am impressed!

There is a very nice and detailed booklet that gives you the rundown on just how Le Tote works as well as a measuring tape to help you out if you need sizing adjustments.

I adore the included tote bag and the fact that it's for you to keep is even better. It's big, chic and very durable. A pretty awesome bonus in my book!

Ohhhh.... Its fabulous...just ....fabulous! Every boutique box contains 3 clothing items and 2 accessories and I really like what I see so far.

Weston Wear 'Alix' Sweater - cost to keep: $84 --- already love this brand thanks to my Anthropologie addiction. It's soft and textured making for a great casual top. And its also really comfortable!

Tart Nautical Stripe Top  - cost to keep: $44 --- I'm not usually into stripes so I wasn't sure I'd like this but it's so pretty on! I love the neckline as well as the fabric. My favorite part though is the very subtle high low hem. It makes the fit so much nicer!

Gazel Plastra Necklace - cost to keep: $38 --- This is a very simple and dainty drop bar necklace.  I actually had added this one to my closet but in perso, it's a bit to small and delicate for my tastes.

French Connection Polly Plains Blouse - cost to keep: $44 --- Very cute top but it just does nothing for my body type. I do, however, love the sheer fabric and the back hemline!

Filigree Hoops - cost to keep: $12 --- These are most definitely staying with me. I love hoop earrings and I especially love these! The detailed design is gorgeous.

I'm very very pleased with my first Tote. It's all a great quality and it's just such a great concept all around. What girl doesn't love a revolving wardrobe at her disposal? I'm already eagerly anticipating my next tote!

Don't forget if you sign up with this link and use promo code LT50  at checkout to save 50% off your first month!

Tried Le Tote before?  What did you think?

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