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October 06, 2014

Memebox My Mask Box #5 Review & Coupon

Oh... The beauty of Memebox. Just saying the name makes me happy. I was hooked as soon as I received my first box.

In case you aren't familiar,  Memebox,  who very kindly sent me this box for review, is the absolute best way to try out the hottest Asian beauty products. It's not technically a subscription service. There  is no monthly charge. Instead, Memebox offers a huge variety of products curated into themed boxes for you to purchase. Box prices vary, typically starting at $23 and up. If you'd like to grab one of these boxes for yourself you can use promo code ZO2K at checkout to get $5 off your purchase!

This particular box is the My Mask Box #5.  The information card gives you a full breakdown of each product. Thank God they include this in English or I would be clueless about most of the items!

Do you see why Memebox is completely fabulous now? So many full sized products!

Milky Dress Aqua Sleeping Pack - $23.00 --- I love a good overnight treatment. This one is ideal for rough dry skin, pumping your skin full of moisture and nutrients for a brighter complexion and less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Insobeau Beauty Secret Step Up Bust Mask - $14.00 --- This is a new one for me. I wasn't aware there were 'masks' for your bust. They are patches infused with Vitamin C and silk amino acids for use during the day or overnight to moisturize, soften and lift the bust line. Odd but interesting,  that's for sure.

Pure Smile Sake Sheet Mask ×5 - $6.00 --- these masks are so easy and perfect if you don't like the mess a clay mask makes. I love that this is a 5 pack as well. It's rich with Collagen and Vitamin E and suitable for all skin types.

Purederm Wrinkle Reducer Gel Patches - $12.00 --- Keeping the eye area wrinkle free is probably my biggest concern when it comes to aging. I haven't tried anything like these before and I am so loving these! The patches feel cool and refreshing and specially formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines around and under the eye.

Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch - $30.00 --- Another product i find odd but amazing. I think we tens to forget the neck are when it comes to anti-aging. I know I do anyways! It's a bio cellulose sheet made from coconut fermentation to replenish and lift up skin easily and instantly.

Pro You Pore Control Facial Mask - $53.00 --- ya'll don't understand how much I love this mask! It's gentle but extremely effective.  It's a clay type mask that pulls tightly as it dries. Cleans out your pores to remove blackheads, add moisture and aid in the repair and prevention of sun damage. It's the most amazing skin smoothing and soothing mask I have ever had.

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack - $30.00 --- Loooooove this! It's the craziest texture ever and reminds me of the goo I used to get in the little quarter machines as a kid. Not only is it fun, it works really well.its got a high concentration of collagen peptides to increase elasticity and skins radiance.  Trust me, it's crazy good! My skin felt tight and smooth instantly!

This was yet another perfect example of why I am crazy super obsessed with Memebox.  The retail value on this is crazy and the sizes are absolutely amazing.  Quality and quantity is the recipe for perfection and they get it right every time!

Gotten a Memebox of your own recently?  What are your favorite discoveries?  Share below!

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