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October 18, 2014

October 2014 Love With Food Review + Free Box Offer

Hungry?  Need a snack? Looking for a treat? Well look no further! The October Love With Food box has finally arrived!

If you don't already know, Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that you can feel good about purchasing!  Why? Because every box they sell means a meal for a hungry child in the USA. The box itself is $10 per month (+ $2 shipping ) and contains some fantastic healthy snacks and goodies to try. I always look at it more as making a donation and getting the box for free. Even if you don't like the contents,  you're still doing a good thing for childhood hunger.

Feel like testing Love With Food for youself? Just click here and new subscribers will get their first box FREE! Just pay $ 2.99 shipping! 

Every month offers items curated around a central theme. It's October, so it's fitting that this time it's 'Monster Mash'. This pamphlet gives you all the details about the theme and the items in your box 

After last month's box,  I was really hoping for some snacks I would actually like this time and Love With Food has fulfilled my wish! YAY!!!

Chocolate Almond Butter & Honey Almond Butter by Justin's --- Gluten free and Organic, and possibly the best Almond Butter I have ever tasted. The honey is wonderful but the chocolate is pure heavenly sweetness!

Organic Jelly Beans by Surf Sweets ---  in addition to being organic, they are also gluten free and non GMO.  The amount of flavor in these tiny morsels is surprising and yummy!

Original Falafel Chips by Flamous --- Organic, gluten and GMO free. I didn't think I'd like this because the smell of the seasoning is a bit pungent when I opened them,  but they are actually very very good! Like a homemade tortilla chip with a bit more spice!

Original Cheese Straws by J&M --- noGMO snacks with a cheese filling and a tiny bit of spice. I didn't care for them but my son did.

Buttery Shortbread Squares by Clairesquares  --- Holy Crap! The most melt in your mouth delicious thing in history! It is glorious!

Snapea Crisps by Calbee --- I'm surprised how much both my son and I like these. The crunch and texture make you forget your even eating something so good for you!

Cinnamon and Sugar Bananinha Banana Bar by Nutryvitta --- Organic and non GMO and I hated it! The flavor is ok but the super gummy chewy texture is not for me at all.

This month's box was 200% better than last month. My family and I really enjoyed nearly everything and I am already craving more of the butter shortbread squares (yes they are that good!).

With holidays slowly creeping up on us, I urge everyone to get a box and help put food on the tables of children who need it so desperatly. It's a truly great cause and even small deeds can have a huge impact!

What did you think of this month's Love With Food?

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