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November 17, 2014

November 2014 Le Tote Review

If you don't know by now, I am hopelessly addicted to fashion. Shocker, right? And no matter how many clothes I have, I can still go to my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear! That's why I am completely in love with the fabulous revolving closet known as Le Tote!

What is Le Tote,  you ask? Only a budget fashionista's best friend! Think of it as Netflix for style. A constantly revolving closet at your fingertips! Every month you pay a $49.99 fee. And while this may seem high at first, it's well worth it. The fee covers you for unlimited totes every month. Sign up, browse the  Le Tote inventory and add the items you love to your virtual closet.  While you aren't guaranteed to get those specific items in your tote, it does help the stylists figure out your style and send suitable items to you. Every tote contains 3 clothing items and 2 accessories.  Wear them (yes! Wear them!) Love them, and send the items back when you are done with the free shipping label provided to you. A new tote will be sent out to you as soon as they get the previous tote back.
But, what if there is something you can't let go of? No problem!  You can purchase any of the items in your tote at discounted prices.  Sort of like a consignment store merged with netflix.  There is no need to clean the items before you send them back either. Le Tote takes care of all that!

This is my third box from Le Tote and they just keep getting better every time. You have the option to rate the items you receive and I have found this to be really helpful for ensuring you continue to get things you'll love.

Each tote contains a card to give you a bit of a Refresher on how it works because the whole process can be a bit confusing at first!

Flying Sparrows Sweater by Willow & Clay - Cost to keep: $58.00 --- You love this, you know you do. And its staying in my closet,  so nah! This is one of those items that you slip on and never want to take it off. The knit is tight and high quality and it's probably the softest sweater I have ever worn.

Chevron Tee by Collective Concepts - Cost to Keep: $28.00 --- I didn't think I would like this at first but it fits beautifully.  It's simple but chic and I can build alot of different looks around this.

Flatter Tank by Sanctuary - Cost to keep: $58.00 --- the cut on this is different from anything else I've ever worn. It's gorgeous but it hangs oddly on me.

Maiden Lane Crystal Necklace by Noir Luxe - Cost to keep: $28.00 --- I love how something so simple can have such an impact. It's delicate but still stands out and makes a statement.

Diamond Dress by Olivia + Oak - Cost to keep: $59.00 --- This is the only thing I just didn't care for. It didn't fit right on my body and the fact that it's 25° out does not make it very wearable at the moment!

Antiqued Crystal Bracelet by Noir Luxe - Cost to keep: $18.00 --- This is so so pretty!  It catches light and continuously Sparkles and shines.

I know I say it alot, but Le Tote manages to impress me every time.  The entire concept is genius and the clothes are such a great quality. It's my favorite styling service at the moment and I look forward to my next tote with eager anticipation!

Wanna try Le Tote out? Follow THIS link and get a $10 purchase credit and a free tote bag in your first box!
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