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November 06, 2014

October 2014 Jubees Review

I think that out of all my jewelry,  earrings have always been my favorite.  Such small things can have the biggest impact on a look! So when my October Jubees box arrived I was thrilled to have some new additions to add to my collection!

If you don't already know,  Jubees is a monthly subscription service for all us earring fanatics. For $14 per month you'll receive 4 pairs of unique 'cute as a button' stud earrings and occasionally a beauty bonus item. This is my second box from Jubees and I absolutely adore them!

I'm always impressed with my first look inside the box. I adore the individual bags for each pair of earrings.

Sophia Studs --- can you really ever go wrong with pearls? I love the classic style of these and they go with pretty much everything!

Katt Studs --- Very cute and fun! A bit to young for me but I'm betting one of my niece's will gladly wear them!

Valerie Studs --- My favorites!  The burgundy color is so nice and they have a raised granular texture to them. I thought they would look a bit large on my ears but they actually work perfectly.

Stephanie Studs --- these aren't my favorite but I still like them. They'll be perfect to add a tiny bit of color to a simple everyday look!

Jubees is one of my favorite new subscriptions because it's so fun! How can you  not adore these earrings? They're different and unique and I am thinking they would be an excellent gift idea for Christmas!

Tried Jubees?  What did you think?  Share your thoughts below!

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