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December 15, 2014

December 2014 Danklo Review + Coupon

There's something about a true surprise that just makes subscription boxes more fun. I will admit that I have a tendency to view spoilers every month.... Its to tempting! So when a service comes along that offers a completely spoiler free surprise you know I jumped on that immediately!

Danklo, who very kindly sent me this package for review,  is a monthly subscription service that provides useful items for your everyday life. There are 3 price points  Standard ($7.99 per month + shipping), Pro ($10 99 per month + shipping), and Prime ($13.99 per month + shipping). This review is for the DankloPrime subscription.

Upon signup, you take a survey so Danklo can gage what your interests are and what model your mobile devices are. What makes this such a neat service is the total surprise of it. It's such a fun little treat to yourself!

Each month you receive a 'Guide To What's Inside'. This will tell you a bit about the items you received.

Mobile Power Bank --- The Danklo team must have read my mind because I swear I almost bought one of these last week! This is such a useful tool and great for emergencies and those times you forget your charger (which is a weekly occurrence for me!).

ArmorTech Screen Protector --- thank you! I drop my phone alot and nothing g makes my stomach feel quite as sick as that moment you pick it up and see a busted screen.  This baby  is easy to install without bubbles and is strong and shatterproof!  As soon as i replace my current cracked glass I will be using this immediately!

Eegee's Air Freshener --- I'm pretty sure all of us need these at some point! These smell absolutely amazing and are already being put to use in my car!

Random Cash Prize ($6.00)--- this is what really sets Danklo apart. Each month you will receive a random Cash prize between $1-$1000 dollars!   It's their way of saying Thank You to their subscribers and I for one think it's a pretty genius idea!

I'm really pleased with my first Danklo box! It's fun and very affordable way to gift yourself with products you will actual use in your everyday life.  And even better, Danklo is providing DDG readers with an exclusive coupon! Just enter Glow10 at checkout and you'll get 10% off your first month!

What do you think of Danklo? Share your thoughts below!

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