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December 25, 2014

December 2014 Little Lace Box Review & $10 Off Coupon

The Box avalanche has finally arrived and amongst this weeks packages was my hands down most eagerly awaited box of the month... The December Little Lace Box! I was supposed to get it last week but somehow my box made it's way to Indiana where it sat for nearly a week before it finally got here.

If you aren't familiar,  Little Lace Box is a monthly lifestyle subscription service for 'Women who know they're worth it '.  The cost is $39.99 per month and includes a curated collection of hard-to-find products from new up and coming designers. It is my favorite sub box ever and they also have the best rewards point system I've come across!

If you read my blog regularly,  you'll know how blown away I was by the November box (you can read that review here). It was so fabulous that box the November and December boxes sold out before many of you had a chance to grab one. Unfortunately, month-to-month subscriptions for the January Little Lace Box already sold out but you can still receive a January box if you purchase the yearly subscription.Oh, and don't forget that you can get $10 off your first box with promo code LLB10!

As with most subscriptions,  an information card is included that tells you all about the month's featured items and why they were chosen. Each item ties into the monthly theme and this time it's .'A Fresh New Start'. The information card notes that this will be a very disconnected box but since the theme is about starting new and being motivated, each of the curators chose an item that helps them to get up and empower themselves!

Also on the information about the next month's theme. The January LLB will be 'The Dining Car'. In honor of the fifth season premiere of the popular PBS drama Downton Abbey. I'm excited and intrigued by this theme!

A bit of flash and sparkle to commemorate the new year!

Whitney English Mini Day Planner - $48.99 --- First, I know many people will be put off by the price on this but if you've ever had to purchase one before you understand it. The first planner I bought was to book my clientele at the salon and I paid a good $30 for a no frills basic one. ..... anyways, I completely adore this! It's sturdy and beautiful and the entire inner layout is perfect.  I especially love the quotes on every page!

Stia Couture Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet - $34.99 --- I love the simple elegance of tjis. It's handcrafted with 14 caret, 18 gauge gold water and it's so pretty and delicate! And made a fabulous gift to my mother this Christmas!

Three Sisters Apothecary Eucalyptus Peppermint Soap - $3.99 --- ok... This is one of the prettiest soaps I have ever seen.  It also smells like heaven.  I believe there were variations of scents and I'm thrilled I received this one.

LLB Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - $48.99 --- Again, a beautiful and classic piece.  This necklace was designed exclusively for LLB by Susan Meier Jewelry. It sits perfectly at the collarbone and reminds me of a necklace I had as a child that was sadly lost over the years. It's just perfect. ..

All totaled with shipping, the value of this month's box comes to about $148.00. Did it surpass last month... no. But that's ok because honestly I'm skeptical any box will ever be able to reach that crazy insanely awe inducing level of perfection. I'm still absolutely overjoyed with the selections this month though.  I think that I can definitively say that Little Lace Box has replaced PMH as my most coveted subscription!  Keep it up girls! We've all been caught by you... hook, line, and sinker!

How did you feel about the December Little Lace Box?  Share your thoughts!

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