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December 02, 2014

November 2014 Splendies Review & Coupon

I've said this a million times before, but a girl can never have to much lingerie. It's a necessity that can completely boost your confidence, despite the fact that most of the world will never see it.

If you aren't familiar,  Splendies is a monthly subscription service for women. The cost is $12 per month and includes 3 ridiculously gorgeous new pairs of panties.  It's an amazing service that has grown to be a favorite for me. And if you'd like to test it out for yourself, you can use promo code SPLENDIES at checkout and get your first package for only $8!

I'm always happy with the variations of cuts/colors/patterns they select. I will pause for a moment though to tell you that the brands included generally tend to run small so I highly recommend sizing up when you subscribe.

Intimate Basics --- These are not my favorite pair but they are still workable!  I received a very similar pair last month so they are just ok for me.

The Big Bang Theory --- Firstly,  I find these hilarious. No, not just because of the kitty (insert dirty joke here), but also because of the BIg Bang Theory. Who knew they had an undies line?! I love them and while I could sit here all day and make inappropriate jokes, I will be an adult and move on now.....

Honeydew --- You already know I love love LOVE these, don't you?! The cut and fit are great, the colors are gorgeous and they are so perfectly Flirty and feminine.

I am so happy with the different styles this month! See why I'm a bit Splendies obsessed now? Great choices, great brands, and an even better price! Keep up the good work, Splendies!!

What are your thoughts on Splendies?  Share your opinions below!

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