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January 27, 2015

Be Bold! Get Glitzy! Tips To Conquer Your Fashion Fears.

Looking back, I think most of my fashion obsession came from my grandmother,  my Mimi.  I can remember sitting in her bedroom, surrounded by shoes, jewelry,  purses, marveling at how pretty it all was for hours on end. Her closet was the catalyst... The thing that threw me full force into a serious fashion addiction.

Mimi wasn't the kind of woman that shy'd away from color. In fact, she embraced it full on. It had to be loud and had to sparkle. She loved glitz and I have very obviously inherited that trait from her.

Here's the thing about the bold styles or glitzy pieces.... most people are either afraid of it or take it to the extreme. For some people, that's fine. If you wanna rock out a leopard print jumper and animal print accessories,  more power to you  Style has always been and always will be about what an individual likes. But if you're like me and you're looking to find that perfect balance of glam and casual here are a few tips I live by.

1 ) Lose the fear! Being Bold is a good thing! Start off by finding that one signature piece that just makes you happy. It doesn't matter what it us: purse, earrings, a colorful blouse. Find a piece that 'Pops!' And build your look around it.

2.) Keep the rest simple! If you want to get bold make sure to keep everything else a bit more tame. To much confuses the eye and diverts attention from the statement piece!

3.) Wear what you love! Fashion is an expression of who you are! Don't wear something you hate just because it's 'trendy' or 'all the rage' it's about you... not everyone else.

Style is ever changing and things some people love others may hate. Tastes are different and our own fashion sense transforms constantly. Wear what makes you comfortable but don't be afraid of getting noticed! Your style is your own! Make the most of it!

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