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January 21, 2015

BootayBag Pantie-Gram Review + Monthly Box Launch News

I'm sure it's clear at this point that I can never have enough intimate apparel.  It's crazy how much a pair of undies can change your mood and general attitude.  That's why I'm so excited about telling you all about a brand new subscription launching in February. .. BootayBag!

BootayBag is perfect for all you ladies that are as undie obsessed as me. The cost is $12 and you can expect 2 super gorgeous pairs of panties each month. I also love that they give back and feature a new charity each month. The charity featured during the BootayBag launch is Go Red For Women and that's a cause we need to all get behind! (Haha. 'Behind'... get it.... oh right... where was i?)

As not to spoil the debut goodness, BootayBag sent me their Pantie-Gram to give you an idea of what they have in store for customers.  The Pantie-Gram itself is a pretty great concept and is currently available to purchase here. The cost is $20 and will include one pair of undies delivered straight to the recipients mailbox. You can include a little note attached to them as well so it's a  great idea for Valentine's Day!

Commando Seamless Underwear --- If you have never tried the Commando brand then drop what your doing and get a pair... like NOW! I've been obsessed with this brand for a while now and I have to tell you that they are the best seamless panty I've come across.   In addition to the nearly invisible lines, they are also very easy to forget your even wearing. Thin, silky and a must have in your lingerie drawer!

I have to say that if this is the kind of quality we can expect in their monthly subscription,  you can totally count me in! I am so very eager to see what the BootayBag has in store!

Remember that while the BootayBag doesn't launch until February, you can go ahead and signup to ensure you get the very first BootayBag ever!

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