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January 09, 2015

December 2014 Lip Monthly Review

Fasten your seatbelts, my dolls. This is going to be a rough ride. Most of you know that it's a very rare thing for me to be negative in a review. I get zero pleasure from it and I cringe every time I have to do it. I can generally find something redeemable in a subscription box that makes the rest of it not so bad... sadly, that didn't happen on this one...

You've seen my previous Lip Monthly reviews. They are a $10 per month beauty subscription service that focuses on (obviously) lip products. They haven't been around very long and when they started up there was massive room for improvement.  The very first box I received from them had some Mary-Kate & Ashley lipstick in it so obviously it needed work. But that's true with most subscriptions when they start out. I loved the concept and loved the price even more. There were some products I loved and others I loathed. But my patience with them has completely run out after this bag.

After numerous emails, my December 2014 Lip Monthly bag finally made it's appearance today. I know there is a slow down on mail during the holiday season but this isn't acceptable to me.

Your standard card is included with all the product information and very inflated retail pricing. Normally you would receive a 'monthly mix up' non lip product but that was taken out "as the value of the bag is high and all the items are full size. " Lip Monthly also notes they will be continuing this for the next few months so they can "bring you higher quality items." Seriously? Ha!

I will say that the packaging has majorly improved these last few months. I really like this bag. The contents are another story though..

NYC Lipstick --- let's start with quality here... Its bad. I can go to Dollar Tree and buy this.... which I did when I was about 12 years old. And not just that, the color too. 

I have never used a muddy brown lipstick and don't intend to start now. On a positive note, I will say that I got a safety sealed product... none of the other items had it..

LA Girl Lipliner --- I honestly don't use Lipliner much but the color is ok. Sadly when I tried to do a swatch test it was dry and crumbled. ... yeah...

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss --- This one looked so pretty. I thought this may be the redeeming item but alas... it's not.

While the color is beautiful in the tube it barely has any pigment at all. And dear lord it's sticky! Thick sticky too... terrible!

Magnolia Makeup Matte lipcolor --- and here is the cause of my biggest issue. Sit tight because there's a loooong list of problems.

As soon as i looked at this, I knew something was a bit off. At this point I'm not surprised by the fact that it isn't sealed but it was something else... The label.

Not only is it a printed label (it's an independent company so that's pretty normal) but there was another label under the top layer. The writing on it was faded out and to stained by obvious product leakage to read but it raises alot of red flags for me about the brand authenticity.

When I opened it up to take a picture, it immediately began to pour from the container.  I mean, pour like water. I have never seen a lip color do this.so I had to check it out a bit clloser.

Poured into a cup.... This is not normal. This is the most oil laden watery color ever.  It's supposed to be a matte finish.... how can it be matte with that much oil?! I swear it looks like the cornsyrup fake blood I use at Halloween.

And it stains like fake blood too. This is after I washed my hands about 5 times.... Thank God I wasn't near anything fabric because it would have been ruined....

And I know I'm not the only one who had this same issue.

This has to be one of three things: Either this makeup line has the worst formula ever created (which I doubt because they seem to have generally good reviews on the web), it's very old stock (but Lip Monthly swears they don't send old or discontinued products), or perhaps it may be counterfeit because the packaging is different from what they feature on their site.  Whatever the case, it sucks. I fully intend to email Magnolia Makeup and ask about it because this needs answers....

(Update! Magnolia Makeup replied to my email. "Thanks for your inquiry.  The product is not old or counterfeit and we had to change the packaging to the round lipgloss tubes for lipmonthly because of the sheer amount of the tubes needed for the order.  As for the formula, Matador is a liquid lipstick.")
Honestly it could very well have been storage issue too. Rapid temperature changes can most definitely taint a products consistency! )

So to sum it up, I am beyond done with this subscription.  I gave them a fair chance but I'm better off flushing my money than continuing to get unusable makeup. Sorry Lip Monthly... It's been real.... but now you gotta go....

*This subscription is paid for by me. All opinions are solely my own and should be viewed as such.

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