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January 24, 2015

January 2015 Kitchen Table Passport Review + Exclusive Coupon

There are so many things that I love in this world: family, friends, card games and good times... They're all so special to me. when I really think about it, the epicenter of all those things, has to be the kitchen. Food is a bonding force in my life, in most of our lives, so I'm excited to share Kitchen Table Passport with you all!

If you are just tired of the same old same old in the kitchen and feel the need to shake things up, Kitchen Table Passport (who kindly sent me this box for review) is for you! For $20 per month  they "send you a box that brings you the sights, souvenirs, fun and interesting facts as well as the smells and tastes of a different country. They're all countries we've been to, so you're getting a curated experience." And just for you, my darlings, they are offering 10% off your first purchase sitewide! Just use code DDG10 at checkout!

Hello Singapore!  Every month's featured country will be a place that at least one of the curators has visited previously.  I really like this idea. The unique and personal perspectives and experiences they describe truly set this box apart from others.

The information card is very detailed and lays out what the contents are and what the featured dish is.

The dish this month is Singapore Curry Laksa. It's a popular,  Spicy noodle soup from the Pernakan culture. Kitchen Table Passport provides not only the receipe, they've also laid out the grocery list , serving tips, and how to garnish the dish. It sounds pretty fantastic and I'm excited to test it out!

They've even provided you the spice mixture you need. And my, does this smell amazing! And it's a blend of a lot of different spices too.. If you've ever cooked anything with a large flavor profile then you'll be very thankful for this... spices are tricky.... and ridiculously expensive when you buy each one independently.

The really neat part of this box are the gorgeous fact cards. Each card has a lovely picture on the front and more pictures and facts about Singapore and it's culture on the back. Sitting at the table and enjoying and authentic meal while simultaneously learning is so amazing. Especially if you have kids! I don't know about you but I know I retain knowledge better if I'm hearing it while I'm doing something I love (eating!). It's fun learning and such a great idea!

Finally, there were also some little souvenirs included! This is a special treat because the extras are typically only included for 6 & 12 month subscriptions. 

This is a "Hong Bao" (red envelope) and it's the traditional way to give the always appreciated gift of cash. Typically used for occasions like Weddings or Chinese New Year. Apparently there are even traditions about how to present the Hong Bao and the amount it holds. Very neat!

Do these really need an explanation? Chopsticks are obviously a staple in Asian cuisine and I adore the little sleeve holder they are in. Kitchen Table Passport has also included instructions if you aren't a master with using them already. And who knew there were rules on their use! Crossing them when you are finished eating is actually considered rude. I never knew that!

What Kitchen Table Passport has done is is nothing short of amazing. They give you the tools to not only try something new, but to really be involved with it. From the actual cooking of the dish to sitting down and learning about the country it hails from. It's an amazing box, especially if you have kids! Trust me, they retain more when you learn with food involved! Where will next month's box lead you? Subscribe to find out!

And don't forget to use code DDG10 to save 10% off your first purchase.  That also includes gift purchases and, of course, the longer you subscribe,  the more you save in the long run!

*While I received this box complimentary for review purposes, I remain unbiased and this in no way influences the review. All opinions are solely my own and should be viewed as such.

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