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February 06, 2015

January 2015 Terroir Panier-box Review

I was always such a picky eater as a child. If it looked odd or sounded unusual, I avoided it like the plague. Thankfully as I got older, my pallet broadened.  In my early 20's I discovered my love of cooking and began to hunt for new delicious treats to enjoy... especially if it was from another country! Panier is pretty much the perfect example of this personal obsession of mine.

For those who don't know,  Panier (who kindly sent me this box for review) is a monthly subscription service dedicated to bringing a little bit of of French cuisine straight to your door. There are three subscription options: GoĆ»ter Panier-box ($30 per month), Terroir Panier-box ($85 per month) & the Luxe Panier-box ($125 per month). Each month subscribers receive an array of goodies that highlight a different region of France. This review is for the Terroir Panier-box.

My Panier box arrived in the most amazing 'basket' box ever. Just look at the design and the little handle!

The January Panier box highlights the Northern regions of France. There's a beautiful pamphlet included that features photographs and information on key places of interest from the Northern regions as well as some menu suggestions using the items in your box.

Oh where do I even begin!

Gingerbread Loaf --- Gingerbread is a staple in Not here France. I've tried Gingerbread many times but never in this state. It's absolutely lovely and even better drizzled with fresh honey!

Fossier Biscuits --- These have a very crunchy flaky texture that bites more like a cookie. But it's the flavor that makes them so amazing.  Their flavored with mustard from reims and dusted with curry. They are yummy!

Artichoke Spread --- Perfect for spreading on your toast, crackers or as a dip. Made with artichokes and anchovies for a little extra flavor.

Ourson Bouquet D'Or ---  First, how cute are these? And they're probably the most delicious chocolate covered marshmallow snack I have ever had!

Rhubarb Jam --- The packaging on this is beautiful!  I haven't ever had rhubarb jam but it's surprisingly tart and I enjoyed it!

Tresor Waffles --- ohhhhh...my. These are yummy! They are crisp and buttery and go great with some ice cream.

Biscuit Roses De Reims ---  my absolute favorite thing in the box.  These little delicious morsels remind me of Biscotti and are even great to dip in champagne. Seriously. .
I'm obsessed with them now and I must have more!

I have to say that I throughly enjoyed my taste of Northern France! Every item was unique to me and something entirely new. Panier box has truly been a fabulous experience and if you want to take your taste buds to France then you should grab a monthly Panier subscription for yourself!

Have you received a Panier box? What were your thoughts?  Share below!

*While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are unbiased and completely my own.

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