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March 29, 2015

March 2015 Resilience Box Review + $10 Off Coupon

I think that the older I get, the more concerned I become over health issues. The amount of diseases that hit women hard is astounding and many of them aren't talked about enough. It's important to arm ourselves with knowledge on these issues.... which is exactly what Resilience Box aims to do.

Resilience Box, who kindly sent me this box for review,  is a new monthly subscription service designed to bring awareness to illnesses affecting women worldwide  The cost is $39.99 per month (use code FIRSTBOX for $10 off your first month!,What contains "1-6 items, from the cream of the natural product crop. Each month, subscribers will receive literature highlighting the monthly theme." It's an absolutely fantastic subscription concept and a testament to the strength and tenacity of women everywhere.

This month, Resilience Box is raising awareness for Endometriosis,  a painful condition that affects more than 3 million women in the US every year.

Each box contains are very detailed information sheet to fill you in on this month's items.  I have to say that while this is only the 2nd Resilience Box,  I'm already completely hooked on it. I loved the February box and just by my first look I can tell this one is even better!

End.The.Pain Tshirt --- One of the things I love most is the shirt included in each month's box. We all know that wearing things like this is a great wsy to raise awareness and start a conversation about the issue at hand. Aside from that, I also love the quality and cut of this one!

Ginger Bark & Tea Infuser --- I've never actually owned a tea infuser before so I got really excited when I saw this! Ginger is a natural anti-inflamatory And antispasmodic that warms you up and helps soothe internal issues. I think this is such a great addition to the box!

Resilience Box Bourbon Bag --- Each month,  subscribers receive a handmade and reusable bourbon bag that is filled with yummy goodies.

These months bag included:  2 natural Smoothie powders made with natural fruit and veggies, a crazy delicious and huge candy bar by Chocolat Stella Organic & Fair, and an extra yummy Simply Squares Snack Bar.

Castor Oil --- first... Can we all agree that this bottle is awesome?  Seriously. .. it could be empty and I would still love it. Castor Oil is referred to as a bit of a 'Miracle oil' because of its healing qualities.  This bottle contains 2oz's of pure organic castor oil that's used to not only ease pain associated with Endometriosis,  but many other illnesses as well.

Handmade Soaps --- This is my favorite part of Resilience Box.  These soaps are handmade each month and are some of the best ones I've ever used.  This month's soaps are iced Lemon Biscotti (made with hemp oil, olive oil and lemon) and Honeysuckle (made with hemp oil, olive oil, crushed petal rose and honeysuckle oil). They both look and smell divine!

Cruncha Ma-Me --- I admit, these looked out of my comfort zone for snacks but after one bite I am completely addicted. Freeze dried Ed am a me is packed with protein and fiber and is so very delicious! Especially the lightly seasoned ones!

Better Nutrition Magazine --- Another thing I love is the literature included with each box. This month contains a Better Nutrition magazine that's filled with great tips on a healthier lifestyle.

To me, Resilience Box is an extremely special subscription service. It's devotion to spreading awareness to women everywhere is such a remarkable thing. No matter the issue, it affects us all and having relevant products and information is the greatest weapon we can have to fight and prevent future health problems. Kudos to Resilience Box for putting all their heart into another amazing box.

Thoughts on Resilience Box?  Share below!

*While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is completely unbiased and honest. All opinions are solely my own and should be viewed as such.

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