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June 24, 2015

Summer 2015 Best Kept RX Review


It's finally here!!!! There are some boxes in the subscription world that make me want to jump for joy when I finally get my hands on them. These are my holy grail subscriptions... The ones that deliver a curation of useful and fabulous products every time. One of those special packages landed on my doorstep today... The Summer 2015 Best Kept Rx box!!

Best Kept RX is truly one of my all time favorite subscriptions. The cost is $50 per quarter and includes 5 full size lifestyle products chosen by the Best Kept Self editors that aid you in feeling, looking, and living like your 'Best Kept Self'. They only open subscription enrollment for a short time but you can get your name on the list to be notified when the next box goes live!  Just follow the link here!

Every box contains 2 gratitude letters. The first is for you, to remind yourself that you are a beautiful and loved person. The other is for you to send on to a friend. It's  karma, my dolls. Spread the love and let someone else know how grateful you are to have them in this world!

As always, there's an awesome information card that fills you in on who picked each product and the motivation behind their choice.

Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Spray - $11.99 --- picked by Shauna (the best kept self founder) for its natural health benefits, this spray is made from the extract of what is commonly referred to as 'bee glue', it's packed with serious benefits. Not only is it packed with antioxidants to boost immune health, it also eases sore throats and combats germs and bad breath. Plus it tastes yummy!

Zum Walnut Sugar Facial Scrub - $12.00 --- beauty expert, Kristin chose this for its natural exfoliating power. This scrub smells absolutely wonderful, gives you smooth glowing skin, and is made with certified organic ingredients.

Blokrok Lotion Applicator - $19.99 --- I must bow at the feet of personal stylist, Megan for this pick. This thing is crazy brilliant. Fill it up with any sunscreen you like and let the roller do the rest. No more massive excess of sunblock on my hands. Even better, we are headed on vacation soon and this is going to be an absolute godsend!!

Mission Essentials Sun Soothe Spray - $10.00 --- chosen by health coach, Jessie for its natural skin soothing mist. It smells heavenly and the aloe and essential oil mixture refreshes your skin. Another perfect item to use on vacation!

Your Jewelry Bar Triple layer necklace - $15.00 --- I couldn't find this exact piece on the jewelry bar website so I took a guess at the value from a similar one they sell. 

My favorite item! Chosen by career coach, Margaret  for its ability to give the perfect layered look without the hassle. I love how delicate it is at first glance and then how the bars jump out to add a tiny edge to it. Versatility is important to me!

This has been my favorite Best Kept Rx yet! Is the value super high, no....but that isn't an issue for me with this subscription. They always manage to find a mix of high quality products that I never would have found on my own but can't live without now that I have them. Make sure you sign up on the waitlist so you don't miss out on the Fall box. And thank you, Best Kept Rx, for a box that never fails me!

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