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July 27, 2015

July 2015 BabeBoxx Review


My love affair with natural and vegan beauty products is slowly becoming an all out obsession. Not only are they fabulous quality that provide real results, they also smell (usually anyways) down right amazing! There are so many subscription boxes out there that revolve around the Eco beauty craze but one of my very favorite ones is BabeBoxx!

If you are unfamiliar, BabeBoxx is a monthly beauty subscription service  the cost is $24.99 per month and subscribers will receive products that are, all-natural, organic, hand-made, and free from harmful toxins and chemicals. 

Packed with Summer Essentials and Must Haves, the July BabeBoxx theme is Hot & fabulous, which is absolutely spot on for this month. I swear, this heatwave is killing me. My fellow Southern dolls can relate, I'm sure!

Rose Mira Hydrating Toner --- a great tool for getting that healthy glow! Your skin needs a little loving and hydration in the summer and this does just that. And it's got a fabulous scent.

Smart Ash --- I have never seen anything like this. This product is made with all natural and organic ingredients that work work to whiten, brighten and detox your teeth in just minutes. It sounds so strange but I'm excited to see what it can do!

Create Your Shape, Konjac Sponge --- Thanks to subscription boxes, I've fallen in love with these things! They are made from 100% vegetable fibre and have such an odd but cool texture when wet . The sponge itself kills acne causing bacteria, balances the skins PH and exfoliates. Plus they have a two year shelf life if you maintain them properly!

Delizioso Skincare - TARA California Bronzing Mousse --- normally I am not a fan of this type of bronzer but I actually really liked this one. It's smooth and creamy, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

Delizioso Skincare - TARA Botanical Atomizer Perfume --- I have, I kid you not, found my holy grail of perfumes. I feel like there should be a chorus of angels singing from above with each spritz of perfume. It's made from 100% plant essences and it smells like you've walked into a bakery full of sweet and delicious cakes and pastries. Not only that, 5% of all proceeds from the sale of this perfume  are donated to the Cancer Research Center in honor of Tara's dad.

This is one of my favorite beauty related boxes ever! Seriously, the BabeBoxx team knows how to pick the most perfect products each and every month. I still can't get over how amazing that perfume is! 

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