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July 06, 2015

July 2015 Scent Trunk Review & Exclusive Coupon


Isn't it amazing how much power a scent can hold? They have the ability to instantly trigger memories and feelings from long ago. I sometimes wander past the cosmetics counter at the mall and catch a scent that immediately pulls me back in time. Suddenly I'm 17 and on the first date with my husband or 12 and watching my Grandma get ready to go out. It's amazing how powerful and deep seeded a scent can be. That's one reason I'm a bit perfume obsessive. I love testing out new smells and I especially love the ones I receive from Scent Trunk!

Scent Trunk, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly perfume subscription service. They offer a men's and women's box for just $15 per month but if you use code dixie25 at signup you can save 25% on your first month!

Once you take a very detailed quiz to help build your scent profile, Scent Trunk begins working their match. Subscribers receive 3 very generously sized samples of Exclusive and/or artisan perfumes. Unique scents you most assuredly will not find at your local mall!

I love the individual info cards for each fragrance...

Dia Woman by Amouage --- described as a luxury fragrance that is both vibrant and sophisticated. Notes of Fig, rose, orange, white musk and frankincense. It's very long wearing but a bit strong for me personally.

Lucille by Sweet Anthem Perfumes --- notes of sea salt jasmine, linden blossom, Amber and tobacco. It sounds like an odd combination but all the scents glow together for one amazing fragrance. Great for day and night!

Sakura by Olympic Orchids --- soft and earthy with notes of cherry blossom and light musk.i wasn't sure about this one at first because it comes on strong at the beginning but it smells fabulous after a few minutes.

I never know what to expect when it comes to perfume subscriptions but I love how Scent Trunk works. Unique and unexpected scents that fit exactly what I like in a perfume. Scent Trunk hits all the right 'notes'!

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