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July 22, 2015

July 2015 Square Hue Subscription Review


Despite the fact that I am possibly one of worlds worst at doing my nails, I still have a ridiculous obsession with nail polish. I tend to wear a new one every other day and there is honestly not a shade I won't wear. I have used so many different brands over the years, some good and some horrific, but one always stands above the rest.... Square Hue.

Square Hue. who kindly sent me this box for review, is a fabulous monthly nail polish subscription box,  Priced at $19.99 per month, Square Hue offers its subscribers a collection of custom 3-free polishes that tie into a theme. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to charity so you can give back and rock a manicure all at once!

This year, The Decades Collection has the spotlight and this month we find ourselves in the 1960's. Bold and crazy colors galore!

Tune In 1966 --- How I adore matte nail polish. I have a bit of an obsession with it. This one is such a rich and bold fuchsia.

Drop Out 1966 --- I love a good duochrome! It's such a pretty color, catching the light and shifting from blue to purple. Plus it's opaque in two coats!

Turn On 1966 --- Talk about a bold matte finish! I never would have thought I'd like this color as much as I do. The neon is just so standout and I can't get enough of it. It takes a few extra coats before you reach opaque but it dries crazy fast and looks so amazing that I don't mind!

Never have I ever been dissatisfied with a Square Hue collection. They consistently bring fresh and beautiful colors and have the best formulation ever. You can't ask for anything more!

Subscribe to Square Hue? How did you like the July collection?

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own and should be viewed as such.

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