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July 03, 2015

June 2015 Love With Food Deluxe Box Review


Snacks are a hot commodity in my house. It seems like they disappear from my pantry just as quickly as I put them there. That's why I like to keep a steady flow of yummy tasty guilt free snacks on the shelves. Like the ones in my Deluxe Love With Food box!

Love With Food is one of my all time favorite subscriptions. Each month they send a curated assortment of healthy snacks that revolve around a central theme. There are 3 box options to choose from: Taster, Deluxe, and gluten-free. This review is for the $16.50 per month Deluxe box.

Another amazing little tidbit is that for every box they sell, a meal is donated to feed a hungry child. Pretty great cause if you ask me!

Each month has its own theme. The June box was 'Saturday in the Park'

Emily's Northwest Trail Mix --- who can dislike trail mix? This one has the perfect blend of protein packed nuts and vitamin filled fruit.

Crazy Hot Popchips --- I don't generally enjoy spicy chips but these weren't half bad. Plus they are gluten-free!

Honey Stinger Lemon Waffles --- oh my liars how I love these. Buttery crisp on the outside and tart in the center. Complete heaven!

Dippin Pepper & Artichoke Bruschetta --- give me a traditional tomato bruschetta any day but I just can't handle this one. Not for me at all!

Sheffa Everything Bar --- perfect on the go snack. Made with seeds, whole grains and chickpeas. 

Bali's Best Iced Tea Candy --- made with natural antioxidant rich tea extract. Can't say I enjoyed these to much..

White Chedder Ips Chips --- no GMO, gluten free, and half the fat of regular chips! And they are super tasty!

Brownie Brittle --- I have died and gone to heaven! It like eating the edge piece of the brownie... Crunchy and my favorite item in the box!!

La Panzella Rosemary Croccantini --- no GMO and they have such a nice airy crunch to them. Perfect with some of my favorite bruschetta!


Coconut & Salted Caramel Cosmos Creations --- both of these are absolutely delicious. Gluten free and non GMO. This is one snack I could eat all day long!

While there were a few things I didn't like, this was still a pretty great box. I'm hooked on those brownie bites! Love With Food never truly disappoints me though. Even if you don't enjoy the box, you've still helped fill a child's belly and that's really all that matters!!

Thoughts on Love With Food? Tell us about it!

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