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July 30, 2015

Konenkii Subscription Box Review


As women, there are so many things that go on within us that we feel powerless to control. From fertility (which is something I myself am currently struggling with) to mood swings a menopause, there's still such a stigma when we discuss these topics. Well, there's a new subscription box that aims to make facing some of these issues a little less daunting. Meet Konenkii!

Konenkii, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a new quarterly women's subscription box. The cost is $49.99 every three months and includes items to 'ease, educate, and empower' you. Konenkii has a mission, and that mission is to help women age fearlessly and have a little fun on the way!

The information card clues you in on all the goodies inside. I couldn't wait to discover what was included!

Silky Summer Scarf --- this gorgeous scarf was packaged neatly in a small burlap bag. The classic blue is a 2015 Panton fashion color of the year.and goes with just about everything.its silky and thin so it makes for a great summer wrap or shrug!

4 O'Clock Cookie --- I've had so very many 'good for you' cookies that tasted awful but happily this one is delicious! Nutritious and packed with dark chocolate chips? We have a winner!

Konenkii HotFlash Cards --- These are hilarious and I love them. You know those times that you don't feel like speaking or answering ridiculous questions? Well, Konenkii suggests holding these up so you can make your thoughts known without ever saying a word!

Credit Card Keeper --- Whoever thought of this is a genius and I love them. I cannot tell you how many times I just take my cards and my phone with me and ditch my purse. This is so handy! I didn't think it would have enough power to stay stuck but this baby has yet to budge! It's fabulous!

Taz Chocolate Bar --- sea salt and almond dark chocolate that's meant to be savor end. It's minimally processed and packed with essential vitamins and minerals like the mood stabilizer, magnesium.

Color Show Nail Polish --- Konenkii says to break away from your usual colors this summer. I especially love the deeper shade. It has a very interesting leather like texture I have never seen before.

Shmirshky - Think Inside The Box by Ellen Dolgen --- one woman's journey from pre-post menopause. Even if you are younger and not quite to that stage yet, I highly recommend you read this! It's an absolutely hilarious and insightful look at a very taboo subject and makes for a great beach read!

Even though Konenkii seems like it's more suited for an older age group than mine, it's really a fabulous box for an woman. It's about empowerment and aging gracefully while still having fun. The curation is well thought out and I love the variety. Konenkii has managed to create something very unique and I think that's a pretty amazing thing!

Thoughts on Konenkii? Share with us!

Disclosure: while this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own and should be viewed as such. 

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